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Qi's Best of 2022

2022 is out of here! I wanted to start 2023 talking about all of my favorite blog posts from HHB in 2022. We had plenty of content last year and it's only right I shine a light on my favs. So, keep scrolling to see what piqued my interest the most.


We started our year off with the infamous Takerra Allen. It's no secret she's one of my favorite authors. My breakdown of her story Heaven's Hell was one of my favorite blog pieces. It was different and made me feel like a real blogger.


Rahel rated Takerra's leading men, and although I think she has terrible taste in fictional men, I loved this blog post.


Phoenix Rose aka Tay Mo'Nae gave me one of my favorite series. Check out my book review on When a Bad Boy Steals Your Heart 2.


K'wan is also one of my favs. He sent me an ARC of Promise Broken and I loved every page of it.


Jas is sort of our unofficial non-fiction expert at HHB. Her book lists are always full of inspiring reads. Her first book list of the year was her Black History month list.


This year I really tried to step outside of my creativity box. For our February newsletter I did my first ever Cooks from Books. Incorporating the recipes from a book in a blog post.


Nina is another one of my favs. Sis, gave us a romance book and it gave me all the feels. I had to blog about the most heartwarming moments in the book.


I realized a lot of the book girlies didn't really know how to write a book review. As a literary disciple, I decided to assist. I composed a how to on how to write an essay style book review.


Jessica Watkins gave us one of the messiest series of the year. I've never wanted a character to leave her husband so bad. Here's my list of why Zuri from A Rich Man's Wife should've left her husband.


I love when authors step outside of the box. During Celebrate Diversity Month I highlighted books that featured characters with disabilities.


Brookelyn Mosley was an undiscovered gem for me. I started reading her books in 2021 and realized I had been missing out. When she asked me to be one of her ARC readers, I was ecstatic. Here's my first ARC review.


Chassilyn Hamilton is another author that caught me off guard with their greatness. Her requesting me to be her proofreader was literally the best thing that ever happened to me. Deliver me from Duval is easily one my favorite series.


We had the opportunity of interviewing the ladies that run the groups of some of our favorite Audible narrators. It was a pleasure getting to know them a little better.


We started a Non Profit this year. Jas is taking the helm and giving us an update on what's going on every month. I love reading them, even though I already know what she's doing. Lol


I dropped some of my reading expertise to help the authors out. I was happy my tips were received well. May consider doing more posts like this in 2023.


Rae Lyse is another author I was sleep on. Shoutout to Crystal Trice for not letting up on my starting The Sun series. Thirty was one of my favorite reads of 2022.


Evelyn Sola surprised me with how much I enjoyed this book. If you're IR resistant, let Evelyn Sola convince you otherwise.


I love our best of lists. I feel like there are so many people waiting to see which books we enjoyed.


As we look for ways to stand apart from other book blogs, we came up with the idea to create quizzes for Rae Lyse's Sun series. It was really fun creating these.


I loved that so many authors have added therapy to their books. I had so much fun creating this list.


I fell in love with mood boards this year. I received so much positive feedback on the ones I created, I decided to help others create them.


Another series I loved was Catching Flights by Ladii Nesha. I had so much fun creating content around this series.


I love when we can celebrate the authors, especially the ones that support us. Here are two of the author lists I did this year.


J. Chary wrote a long ass book that I enjoyed. It was different, to say the very least.


Tracy Brown wrote book that hurt so good I had to write a review on it.


Kennedy Ryan wrote a book about a Black woman putting herself first and I loved every page of it.


I wrote a relationship advice piece. I really be proud of myself every time I do something different.


On my journey to become the literary world's Oprah, I curated a list of book-ish Christmas gifts.


Stay tuned to see what else HHB has in store for you this year!

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