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"To whom much is given, much will be required..."

Hopeful Heartbreakers has been so blessed to be able to have a book club with over 2,400 members, an app with over 500 members, a blog with over 300 blog posts, and a successful literary services business that continues to gain clients. Deciding to consistently give back to the community was somewhat of a no-brainer.

In April, we filed for 501(c)(3) status, and we could not be more excited to be able to contribute to the community in this way. In May, Hopeful Heartbreakers Literary Donations & Charities made its first literary donation, and we have every intention of continuing the work that we have been called to do.

Although the Black community is more aware and accepting of the concept of mental illness, I think that we should begin teaching our youth the value of taking care of their mental health and self-care. “Major depressive episodes have increased from 9% to 10.3% in Black youth, ages 12-17 and 6.1% to 9.4% in young adults, ages 18-25…” As a mental health practitioner in schools, I have personally witnessed an increase suicidal ideation, depression, and anxiety. The best thing we could do as a community is teach our children about how important our mental health is and equip them with strategies to cope with stressful situations. So, we wanted to do our part and donate 10 self-care journals for Mental Health Awareness Month.

We are so grateful for all of our supporters. If you’re a member of Hopeful Heartbreakers Book Club, thank you. If you’ve subscribed to our blog and/or app, thank you. If you’ve given us the pleasure of editing and/or proofreading your book, thank you. And a HUGE thank you goes to our first two donors of Hopeful Heartbreakers Literary Donations & Charities, Adrienne Gonzalez and Dr. Blanca Sanchez McGee! Special shout and thank you to Mary Crawford for assisting in the preparation of the literary donation.

We’re just getting started, and the fact that you all believe in our cause already, means a lot. We love y’all!

Keep an eye out! This month, Hopeful Heartbreakers Literary Donations & Charities will be partnering with Mustang Mafia, a local New Orleans based car club, to present two $1000 college scholarships to local high school graduates pursuing a degree at an accredited university or community college. For more information, please visit

Please spread the word!

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