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"I have found that among its other benefits, giving liberates the soul of the giver."

Hey, y'all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. We took a little break for the month of June, so we don't have much of an update...

...but you know how we do here at Hopeful Heartbreakers... there are more books to read and more books to give, so this month, Hopeful Heartbreakers Literary Donations & Charities is back at it! We decided to run the Amazon Wishlist Giveaway back because it was pretty successful last year, and students, teachers, school counselors, and school social workers deserve assistance at the beginning of the year. Lord knows I needed the help when I was in the classroom. So if you are a student, teacher, school counselor, or school social worker, please see the information below. And if you are none of the above, feel free to spread the word!

DISCLAIMER: We're still a small nonprofit, so we'll help as many people as we can, but we may not be able to help everyone. Please charge it to our pockets, not our hearts, lol

If you're not a student or educator and you'd like to help, please consider giving a monetary donation or a literary donation. Please see the information below.

To give a literary donation, please contact Jasmine Gaines for shipping information.

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