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"It's not about how much we give, but how much love we put into giving."

I know I say this every time, but I really want to start off by thanking all of our supporters. This past month, we celebrated our nonprofit’s one year anniversary by hosting a telethon (as described by Ty Marshall and Blake Karrington). We accepted donations and chopped it up with two dope authors and our supporters (you!). We had a great time and were able to raise more money to further our mission of highlighting and promoting dope African American authors and donating literature to charitable causes.

Special shout out to Melvina Locue-Wilson, Vivian Blue, Kami, Jahari Dowdy, Kwastina Jackson, and Uchenna Nwaizu!

Last month was Mental Health Awareness month, and as a Social Worker, this month is super important to me. As many of you know, I work for a school district where many of our schools are Title I, meaning, many of our schools are considered low socioeconomic status. According to a recent study, “Children and adolescents with low SES are two to three times more likely to develop mental health problems than their peers with high SES” ( F Reiss, 2019). Because of this, it’s very important to provide resources so that we, as a community, can take a proactive approach to mitigating mental health challenges.

Hopeful Heartbreakers decided to donate a Little Free Library to Fannin Middle School’s “Zen Corner”, a space dedicated to allowing students to decompress throughout their day. Fannin’s Kindness Crew, a campus club dedicated to spreading kindness, put the Little Free Library together and hopefully next year, the students will utilize the library, rather than other unhealthy coping mechanisms, in times of stress.

Delivering the Little Free Library was so rewarding, and it couldn’t have been done without y’all’s support. THANK YOU!

For this month, I want to take a different approach. Since y’all’s support is what helps us donate to different causes, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Where would you recommend Hopeful Heartbreakers donate to this month? We're open to any charity where minorities are the focus! I look forward to your input!

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