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The Most Heartwarming Moments from Clear Water by Nina

The infamous Porter brothers have had readers in a chokehold for the last two years, and at the end of Hassan we find out that there is a Porter sister. (*gasps*) Where the brothers are rough around the edges, Pavati Emani Porter is not. And while she may have been raised quite differently from her brothers, their similar characteristics are astounding. Nina flexed her pen a bit differently for this novel, giving readers a romance book. One that gave just about every reader all the feels. With that being said, the feels are what I want to talk about. Like all the other books involving these characters, the scenes are memorable to say the least, but this book had a different vibe. It made me sad, it made me happy and nostalgic all at the same damn time. So, I wanted to highlight the scenes that I felt were the most heartwarming. If you haven't read the book, and do not like spoilers, now would be a good time for you to head out. For those of you that have read, keep scrolling and let us know if you agree with my top picks.

"'Because I want you to ease you into it, Pavati. Avery is kind of like meeting Lake. This is his...' Oceana thought. 'She like his eyes. Lake can't see much clearly until she puts it into focus for him. Your brother is mean, shit!'"

1. The love and respect Oceana has for Avery melts my heart. She knows how much Avery means to her son and because of their broken relationship, she uses Avery as a bridge to mend the gap.

"They all sat piled in Daly's truck because they didn't want to split up. Sav was sitting on Vant's lap and he was mad as shit. This felt like how it did when they were younger when him and Dem would beg to come with them somewhere then be annoying the whole time."

2. Sav being a grown man, married, with kids sitting on his big brother's lap would typically be funny. But I flagged this as heartwarming because it brought back a memory of him being a kid. The fact that he's mad makes me envision him pouting. And he's sitting on Vant's lap because they didn't want to split up. Them meeting their little sister is huge and they all know that they may need each other once they see her.

"'Daly!' Dem pushed him. 'Can you hear nigga?' 'What?' 'I said how long she been watchin' E?' 'Oh, ummm...' Daly thought for a second looking over at Lake who laughed shaking his head. 'What?' 'Nothin'."

3. Lake knows his best friend has it bad for his sister and finds it amusing. There are several scenes of Lake being clairvoyant on Daly and Pav's situation, but any time we see Lake not being mean and heartless, it's heartwarming.

"There was a group of men approaching and she didn't look up until the sounds got even closer. The face she saw brought tears to her eyes. Sav stepped on the court dribbling the ball smiling right at her. Pavati's breath got caught in her throat when one appeared after the other, then him. Lake."

4. The entire basketball court scene was emotional. From the first time they laid eyes on her, to the introductions, all the way down to her and Lake playing one on one. No lie, after this scene I just stared at my iPad.

"'Lake, what do you think?' she asked, seeing he was the quietest, but his plate was cleared. 'I think you make us complete.'"

5. Again, Lake being anything but stoic is heartwarming. But his acceptance of his sister made me smile every time.

"'Nah, it's ard' Lake leaned his head over for her to feel and Pavati laughed digging her fingers in his deep waves. Like they sunk inside of his hair. It was so nice. It felt the same as hers. When she smoothed them down, his waves went right back into place. 'This is niceeeee,' Pavati said making Lake crack up. 'You wanna feel mine?' she asked, putting her head down and all her curls flipped to the front. Lake was inconsolable but felt all in his sister's hair. It did feel the same except hers was longer. Pavati flipped her head back up with a smile like a satisfied child. She was really living out her dreams. Just bonding with her big brother."

6. At the end of the day, Pav is everybody's sister. But her and Lake share the same mother, which makes their connection a little more special. And not in a Sav and Dem sort of way. Sav and Dem are sort of codependent of each other. Readers who read Hassan know why. But Lake and Pav's connection feels different. It's almost as if they're the same, mannerisms, character traits, and even their hair.

"'Lake, I just wanted to do something right. I wanted to keep one of my children safe. I didn't keep her away on purpose. I was going to eventually tell Hassan but... it doesn't even matter now. Both of y'all in front of me right now is too damn much!' Oceana snatched a napkin off the table wiping her faucet running tears. 'My babies together...'"

7. Oceana had been living a double life for a while and I'm sure it was overwhelming to see both of her children at the same time. That literally has never happened in over twenty years.

"'Word the fuck up!' Dem yelled. 'Cause on my kids, I fuck around and kill a nigga for playin' wit you Pav.' 'You would?' Pavati smiled through the tears making them holler. She reacted like Dem said the sweetest thing she'd ever heard. 'Hell yea, you our baby.' 'I'm y'all baby?' she bawled. 'Y'all really love me?' 'We love you, Pav,' Lake told her, and she broke down. It was definitely the weed and liquor, bur she really felt her heart filling up to its full capacity. She'd never had this type of feeling and the fact that they were willing to go any length already meant more than the world to her."

8. People can say whatever they want about Hassan Porter, but he loved his kids, and he taught them how to love each other. The love they have for Pav even though they are only just getting to know her is overwhelming. Even the way the brothers share their memories of Hassan in the same scene caused my eyes to water.

"Erie's face lit up in anticipation. She absolutely loved Pavati's food; it tasted like home if that made sense. It brought her comfort. Actually, she enjoyed being around Pavati altogether. Her presence was so warm and welcoming."

9. When Erie starts living with Pav, it's not because of this. It's because she was following her sister, TJ. But what Pav ended up being for Erie was heartwarming. I'm not sure if it was because she was Dem's sister, because Erie was so clingy and codependent or if it's because Pav was that easy to love, but it was heartwarming, nonetheless.

"Hassan held the sleeping angel in his arms staring at her beautiful face. Nothing prepared him for this moment. A daughter. He couldn't find words, so he just cradled her close. 'What's her name?' 'Pavati... Pavati Emani Porter.' 'I don't...' Hassan stared at her with tears in his eyes. He didn't think his love for another person could grow much fonder, but his daughter felt like everything. 'I wish I didn't have to leave you,' he said, kissing her small nose. It was his nose. She was his everything. He took Pavati's socks off to see her feet. Hassan wished he could see her eyes; he knew they'd be his too."

10. So, this scene is a flashback from the book, Hassan. But it's still a top tier heartwarming scene. Hassan meets his daughter for the first time, she's identical to him and just about every single way and for some reason it somewhat solidifies his suicide. He wanted what was best for his kids.

"Eugene stepped up and took everyone by surprise when he stood in front of his grandson with his arms out. Lake looked at Oceana not knowing what to do. He'd never known this man like that. The very few times he did interact with him, they weren't very nice. Oceana gave Lake a nod giving him the signal to raise his white flag as well. Apprehensively, Lake stood and embraced his grandfather. Celestine covered her mouth with tears in her eyes. It shouldn't have taken them this long."

11. In all the previous books, Oceana's parents didn't care for Hassan and took that out on Lake. Treating him as if he was the devil's spawn. The growth in all the characters involved in this scene was amazing. I was looking like Celestine while reading this part.

"I been worried about you. I hope you ard and shit. Daly."

12. Just about all of Pav and Daly's interactions are heartwarming to me. At this part of the story both characters are holding on to the friend card strong. But when Pav goes missing, because of mental health issues, he sends her some really expensive flowers with a very simplistic note. And because Daly's character virtually mimics Lake, those simple words mean so much.

"'Cause... my daddy told me the one for me wouldn't let me run all over her. He said that's where I would find my heart. I know he was right cause... when Gia left, she took that shit wit her. I can't feel nothin' now, Pav.' Pavati didn't know how to respond to that so she reached over and hugged her brother. She felt like he needed it because the pain in his voice was evident. She tried to pull away after a while, but he wouldn't let her, and she realized why. She could feel his tears on her neck. Pavati simply rubbed his back while he let it all out. It made her feel good that he was comfortable enough to be so vulnerable. She would gladly be a shoulder to cry on for any of her brothers. From the moment they found out about her, they were ready to cater to her every need and Pavati felt the same exact way."

13. Wreck is heartbroken, and he can't seem to verbalize that to his brothers, who all know that's what his dilemma is. But he opens up to his sister so easily and she's so willing and eager to be his shoulder to cry on.

"'Because... I... I like him,' Pavati admitted making Daly smile on the inside. 'You like her too nigga?' 'She ard,' Daly joke. 'Nah, I fucks wit her.' 'Reallllly?' Pavati blushed, going to Daly, wrapping her arms around his waist. For some reason him saying that to her brother meant something. Like he was addressing who he needed to in order to court her."

14. This is the first time Daly and Pav admit to each other what it really is. Their situation was difficult on both sides, making their love story a very untraditional one. But their admittance was cute.

"'I want this Daly.' Pavati was saying daily. 'I...'she whispered staring down at him. 'My body can't take another day without you, ravish my waters, make them filthy and dirty. I don't want to be pure anymore. I don't want to be clear. If you hear me crying, don't stop rowing, if you are causing me pain, keep going. Tonight, explore these uncharted waters."

15. Pavati was throwing it at Daly like a seasoned vet. The way she verbalized her want for him was soul stirring.

"You can't see it, huh?' Lake got up pulling her with him. He led his sister to the big mirror. 'You. He ain't ever been with a you, Pavati. He can put all those bitches he fucked with in the past in a line up and across the board they'd have all this shit in common, features, personalities, bodies, all that... but you, that special feeling you always heard people talk about, you givin' it to him right now.' Lake stared at his reflection too. 'To be honest, I didn't see much either until Avery showed me, me. That's enough to be special for the people that want to pick you. Daly ain't ever had a you.'"

16. Whew... Lake dropping knowledge and gems like his name was Hassan. He's literally the perfect big brother.

"'But you are real Pav, you real to me. I see you and I think you perfect too but not because you pretty, or well educated, got manners and shit. I think you perfect because Daddy always told us we were. He would look us in the eyes and say my kids so perfect bul.' he imitated making Pavati laugh. 'Real shit and he would say it in our most flawed ass moments. I got diagnosed with IED that nigga talkin' bout, my lil nigga so perfect. Vant got burnt, my son so perfect. I know if he had the chance, he would've did the same thing for you, every day.' 'Thank you,' she cried, hugging her brother. 'I got you, Pave and whenever you need me, I'm here. If you start to feel like you can't breathe, call me, I'll make sure you get the air you need. You can't be stressin' while your fast ass pregnant.'"

17. This scene made me want to ugly cry. Dem has grown so much throughout these books. If anybody knows how to handle mental illness, he does. Him offering his strength to his sister, just laying down next to her and giving her the real, moved me.

"'Ma ma!' Emery shouted staring right at Pavati. It was the first time he called her something other than ji. 'Ma ma!'' 'Me?' Pavati pointed to herself and Emery had the confused look then ran over pulling her along. 'I'm ma ma?' 'Ma ma!' Emery looked at her like yea hoe, you my mommy while pointing to Spider-Man."

18. Throughout the entire story Pavati has been a mom to Emery. She cared for him just as well as she cared for her real adopted son, Muji. Oceana looked at Pav's interactions with Emery and it reminded her of when Lake was little. If anybody deserved to be called ma ma, it was Pavati.

"'She not the same now and honestly, I hate that. Cause a part of me want that feeling again but it's hard. A lot of shit happened and it's hard to get my mommy back.' 'You called me mommy,' Oceana sobbed. Oceana told Pavati that Lake didn't really start being around her as much on his own until he found out about her. She understood her brother's position and sometimes felt the same resentment. It was hard because their mother was so easy to love but in moments where they struggled, it would click where it came from. Pavati tried not to be so hard on her though because she was only half the issue. The other half was no longer alive, and Oceana didn't deserve one hundred percent of their grief. 'It's okay, Mom,' Pavati hugged her. 'Don't cry... Lake give her a hug,' she told him, and he got up embracing their mother. 'I love you,' Lake told her genuinely. 'I love you too.'"

19. Dr. Pie earned every cent accumulated from those therapy sessions. I'm not sure about other readers, but I never thought I would see the day that Lake and Oceana would be mother and son again.

"My Clear Water, my angel in disguise, I knew from the first day I looked into your eyes. I claimed love in the past, thinking maybe it would last, but it never came true. I knew I needed something clearer, something more blue. My Clear Water, my angel in disguise, I never felt a love like this could arise... in my spirit, my heart, and my soul. Pavati, you more precious than gold. My Clear Water, my baby so pure and true, I can swim all day through the fountains of you. A woman who carries me in her spirit, thoughts and prayer, giving her body to nest my heirs. My fuckin' Clear Water,' he smiled, wiping the tear sliding down her face. My Pavy baby, my life, all I got is one question..."

20. Every step Daly took to get to this proposal was heartwarming. He went through all the necessary channels. He went to all her brothers, of course, Lake being first. Her grandparents, her cousin and even her adopted son. My boy went across the entire family tree and even went to his sisters. And then he even wrote a poem! Pav must've put gris-gris on Daly, she got a real nigga to write a poem!

"Daly put the car in park and reached back getting a notebook, sitting it in her lap and she recognized it instantly. The only person who had access to all her old things from college were Woemi. They'd put most things in storage from their apartment. 'I hope you don't mind if I pried a little bit.' 'Hold on,' Pavati was twisting in her seat then opened the book. 'I know you didn't...' she exited the car looking around in amazement. Daly got out along with her and went over to a big sign pulling a string revealing where they were. 'You didn't...' there it was, a complete replica of her drawing. Porter House. 'Why are you doing this to me?' she cried. 'First you ask me to marry you now this? I can't take anymore.'"

21. When you find the perfect man, he'll fulfill all your hopes and dreams. If we needed another reason to call Daly perfect, this is it. He took something she sketched up in college that she thought would never come to fruition and made it a reality.

"'Naw, Pav,' Lake continued. 'It's not something you can eat,' he laughed. 'But I hope you cherish it the way we have.' He opened a box that Pavati didn't even notice he held taking out a gold bust down 'P' necklace. While theirs were simply gold, hers was coated in diamonds."

22. To know that Hassan got Pav's 'P' before he killed himself was enough to send me straight to the King. He didn't even know her, but she knew she was his and didn't want her to be left out when the time came.

"When Pavati got downstairs the whole entire living room was decorated with flowers and balloons. There were gifts on top of gifts making her jaw hit the floor. The swings were put together, but it obviously wasn't the only thing her fiancé was down there doing. Pavati sat in the middle of everything and picked up the only card that leaned against a small box on the coffee table. I couldn't think of one thing to get you for a push present because not only have you given me three of the best gifts I've ever received, I know there isn't anything I can give you as repayment for blessing me like this Pav. So, I bought you all the shit in your bookmarks, Amazon cart, all that. I love you. Thank you. Don't wake me up nigga."

23. Daly is one of the sweetest niggas I know. (Like I really know him.) This was thoughtful and just like he said, Pav deserved it.

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And please send me some dope shit to read so I can get out of this funk!!! Lol


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Ever since I read Hassan and then ClearWater, I haven’t been able to read any other book since. I have no clue why. I’m a reader that reads several books in a day and I just have no clue why. It’s like I’m comparing every to the amazing writing of Hassan and Clearwater and nothing compares. Im struggling. I haven’t read a book in a week and half. Nina has grabbed a hold of me and I can’t shake it. The writing is phenomenal. I picture myself in every scene. I catch myself feeling their joy, their hurt, just every emotion.

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