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10 Times Zuri Should Have Left Her Husband

A Rich Man's Wife is a story of a well-kept woman, Zuri Turner, who is married, but for all the wrong reasons. Throughout the story Zuri is given plenty of signs, alerting her that her marriage may not be worth any of the trouble she's endured and is continuing to endure. In this blog post I'm going to list all the times Zuri should've packed up her things and left her husband and everything that came with him behind. So, if you're allergic to spoilers, now would be a good time for you to exit. And if you've already read this book, let me know in the comments if you agree with my reasoning.

1. When she received the phone call from his side chick on her wedding day.

"'Did you get the picture that I sent you?' She actually sounded surprised that I was so angry. 'Yes, I got the fucking picture. Is that why you called me? To make sure that I got the picture of you laid up with my fiancé?' 'I just wanted you to know.' 'Well, I know,' I griped. 'Thank you!' 'I didn't know he was engaged.' 'Well, now you do.' After hanging up, I blocked the number and hurried out of the bathroom."

Talk about foreshadowing! God had given Zuri the perfect sign to run in the opposite direction of Rashaad, but she was blinded by the lavish lifestyle Rashaad afforded her. Not only did he have a side chick, but the chick also had the audacity to ruin her wedding day. Albeit, she didn't know, but I'm sure it hurt Zuri, nonetheless.

2. Rashaad cheated on her throughout their marriage.

"I had caught Rashaad cheating three times during our marriage. Each time, his infidelity was crippling because of the extent of the relationship with each woman. He didn't just have random sex with other women. They shared feelings for one another, so many feelings that it pushed these women to call me and give me information about their affairs with my husband. They even provided me with proof, like screenshots of their messages, pictures of them on vacation, and other evidence that should have forced me into divorce court a long time ago."

Now, I'm all for standing by your man, but c'mon sis. Thanks to Steve Harvey, we learned a long time ago that men don't necessarily have to have feelings for the other woman to step out on their spouses. But like the passage says, Rashaad was sharing feelings. That was a sure sign that if their marriage didn't start as fraudulent, it damn sure had reached the fraudulent point now.

3. Rashaad had started sexually rejecting her.

"I then put it between my legs, laying his thick, long fingers atop the satin of my thong. 'I'm so wet, baby,' I purred. 'I'm at work,' he said as if I didn't know. I shrugged. 'So. We've fucked in your office before.' 'I can't baby,' he said, taking his hand back with a strong jolt. He then stood, took my waist in his strong grasp, and picked me up. Even him picking me up so effortlessly made my center ooze with anticipation of his penetration. 'I'm busy babe.' I pouted. 'Tonight then?' 'I can't tonight. I have a thing after work, and I will most likely be out late.' 'What thing?' 'It's business.' Frustrated, I gave up. The lust scurried away and was replaced with disappointment. I stood, my arms folded tightly as I stared at my husband. 'Who is she this time Rashaad?'"

I've never read a book where the male character wasn't down to get busy in his office. Him rejecting her was a definite red flag, so much so, that it prompted her to ask, 'Who is she this time?' Instead of heading straight to her attorney's office to have them draw up her divorce decree, Zuri continued to stay and bide her time.

4. Even her daughter knew he was cheating on her.

"'I'm fine,' I continued to lie, despite her knowing better. 'I hate w