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Book Review on Deliver Me from Duval: Eyes Wide Open by Chassilyn Hamilton

The characters from Deliver Me from Duval are back and it seems that things have gotten trickier for these characters, if that's even possible. The web that was weaved in book one appears to have gotten more intricate and readers will have to buckle up to enjoy this ride. Feelings are involved, lines are crossed, and I had a really hard time deciding who's side I was on throughout this entire read. "Tyree tried love, and then she tried it again and doubled back another time after that. Each instance ended the same­­­­-- with her heartbroken and made a fool of."

Tyree Morris is a woman with one hell of a dilemma on her hands. She has two men in love with her and her heart and her brain are having a hard time deciding where she should be. Aiyden is the perfect man (to me at least) in just about every sense of the word. He's caring, he's understanding, and he's even romantic. But Tyree's knowledge of his soon to be ex-wife aborting his baby, a baby she so desperately wanted to have, pulls her away from him. Both of their past relationships are a huge roadblock that's getting in the way of their future. To make matters worse, Kamaal isn't going down without a fight. No matter how many times he messes up, he works just as hard to right his wrongs. The love triangle Tyree has awkwardly placed herself in gets even more awkward when a life changing event rocks all parties involved. Ramping up this drama filled installment. "It took four years for her skeleton to come from the deepest crevice of her closet, and Tyree wasn't ready to face that again.”

Kamaal Duval is the man in Duval. Mack Truck is loved by just about everyone in his city, but that didn't stop something tragic from happening to his son. With his son's life on the line and losing Tyree, things just really can't seem to get worse for him. With Tyree giving him the cold shoulder, Kamaal opens himself up to the option of a friend, Kamelia. Using her as a safety, or rather a backup plan was good until it wasn’t, and Kamaal decides he really just wants that old thing back with Tyree. The love triangles merge, creating one hell of a roller coaster ride. "Can't you see that things won't work out with anyone else-- for you or me-- because we're meant to be together?"

Every time I pick up a book by this author, she surprises me. Her stories are so well written, so soul stirring, they give me all the feels. Her superpower is taking a flawed character and making you love them, rooting for them even, and I love that for her. I also appreciated the length of this book, when you're lost in the story you kind of tend to never want it to end. The drama in this book will have you wanting to rush to the end. But don't rush too fast. There will be another installment in this series (Deliver me from Duval: Round and Round) slated to hit Kindle sometime this fall.

If you haven't read book one and wanna embark on this roller coaster ride with me, click the cover below to download book one.

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