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Book Review on Tied to You by J. Chary

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Title is set to be released later this month


Life has a funny way of putting people together, but in the case of Carson and Nubia, all blame lies on the author. An instant connection, paired with a mishap at a fertility clinic, thrusts these two characters head first in to a love connection so strong and so pure, it'll have you questioning your logic on how this thing called love is really supposed to work. "There's no place I'd rather be, Baby. I'm tied to you."

Carson seemed like a man that had it all figured out. After leaving the streets behind, he started his new life as a business owner. Kaotic Wrld, his tattoo shop, was bringing in plenty of business. That paired with the love from his friends turned family, life was comparable to perfect. But was it really? His childhood trauma had him dodging love like the bubonic plague. Do you really need to be in love to start a family and settle into life? After much consideration and a little research, Carson decides on a surrogate. Things would be much easier for him that way. But life has a way of teaching even the humblest of people that nothing is ever as simple as it should be, and Growing Families helped Carson learn that lesson the hard way, when his gestational surrogate hadn't signed up to be a surrogate. And to make a complicated situation more complicated, she was also the beauty that was his bottle girl from his last time out at the club. The attraction paired with the possibility of her carrying his kid does something to his heart, possibly knocking some of the ice from it and helping it get some of its warmth back. What was supposed to be a "no strings attached" family, quickly blossomed into something more. "She was gorgeous as fuck, and I was hopeful that she saw something in me that would make her want to stick around."

Practically an orphan, Nubia was dealing with a lot. When the loss of her mother, followed by the loss of her father, leaves her as her younger brother's guardian, she's left with trying to be strong for both of them. When she discovers that her dad has taken a loan out on their house and it's getting ready to be foreclosed on, she's left scrambling to figure out how to keep a roof over her and her brother's head. What was supposed to be a joke, quickly turns into her reality, as she makes an appointment to donate her eggs for cash at Growing Families. When the clinic artificially inseminates her instead of retrieving her eggs, she's left with more problems than when she initially started out. With not much time to process, she has to decide if she's going to be a surrogate for the handsome guy she seen at the club, or go back to the drawing board to figure out a plan to help them keep their house. Carson isn't letting her make her decision without his input, which makes her decision even more difficult. "I already knew that he wanted the baby, if there was one, and I also knew what I wanted."

When you hear the phrase "slow burn" you think you're going to read a romance book with little to no drama. This book doesn't fit into that niche. From the first page, "'Yo, make sure that muhfucka don't stick his dick in that damn girl in this fuckin' club, please,' I yelled over the music to my homie Pharaoh.", to the end, "He fuckin' with you, Bia? 'Cause I got some shit in the trunk for that ass.", there was drama. So, the love between the characters slowly burned, but that didn't stop the antics with any of the characters. A full length novel, that isn't a traditional love story, with drama splashed throughout, paired with a few giggles, made this read that much more enjoyable. This book does feature characters from one of Jae's previous bodies of work but isn't required to read prior to enjoying this story. I loved this book, and I loved these characters! Great job Jae!

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Unknown member
Nov 10, 2022

I love this! Can’t wait to get into it.

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