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Interviewing the Admins of Diem's Diamonds, Exclusively Emmanuel's & Wesleigh's Besties

In June we celebrate audiobooks and what better way than to interview the lovely admins that oversee the groups of some well known audiobook narrators! I've asked Monica Starkes, Raven James, Shanell Watson and Dannie Terrell from Diem's Diamonds; Lisette Bass, Kelley Carrigan, Enecia Miller and Bernadette Mercado from Exclusively Emmanuel's and Wesleigh's Besties five questions about their favorite narrators. Check out their answers out below:


1. What was the first book you listened to that was narrated by Jakobi Diem?

Monica Starkes: Grip by Kennedy Ryan

Shanell Watson: Me Love You by Alexandria House (Big MF Souf!) He had me at the damn opening credits.

Raven James: My first Jakobi listen was Flow, (book one of the Grip series) by Kennedy Ryan. From that point on, I was hooked.

Dannie Terrell: Hook Shot by Kennedy Ryan

2. What book is your favorite that Jakobi narrated?

Monica Starkes: So hard to choose a favorite because he's Jakobi. But I'll have to say The Black Series by Joan Vassar because he understood the assignment.

Shanell Watson: The entire Black series by Joan Vassar. To hear him take command over the fifty-eleven characters Joan put in that series is nothing short of magical.

Raven James: As if I could pick just one. 🤣 The Black Series and Unfortunately Francine (co-narrated by Nicole Small in duet style narration) are stand-outs. He voices so many different characters throughout the Black Series and every single one is distinct, consistent, and passionate – just a phenomenal performance for hours and hours. And, as Alexandria House once pointed out, this is the series that introduced us to his shuddering orgasms which is a gift to all. 🤣 In seriousness, though – Joan’s writing coupled with Jakobi’s narration is truly a next-level experience. I was also blown away by him, Eboni Flowers, and Nicole Small in Kennedy Ryan’s book Reel. That book broke records* at this year’s Audies (kind of the Oscar’s for audiobooks) – as it should have. Stunning performances by all three narrators and a vocalist (April Christina) who sung two songs in the book. I’ve listened to over 600 audiobooks and that book is in the top three for me.

*First Black romance to win the Romance category and first Black narrator (x 3!) to win, as well.

Dannie Terrell: Just one??? ummmm….. Unapologetically Me by Danesha Little.