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Book Review on So This is Love by Brookelyn Mosley

Title is scheduled to be released April 29, 2022

Dallas and Ayanna's story is a very unconventional one, and that's putting it lightly. Their story starts in Forbidden: An Anthology. They're classmates attending the same university and Ayanna is dating Dallas's brother, Dominick. But when she gets fed up with Dominick's cheating, she propositions something that shocks everyone, including herself. She decides to sleep with Dallas as an act of revenge, ensuring that she can never be in a relationship with Dominick ever again. What was supposed to be revenge sex turned into something none of the parties involved was prepared for. "Because somewhere between delivering payback and our friendship, Dallas and I found something new between us. And it wasn't just sex. I've had enough sex to know this was not what the new layer he'd mentioned represented."

Ayanna Dale was one of the "it" girls at Langston University. A cheerleader majoring in journalism that was best friends with a star basketball player. Add unmatched beauty to the equation, and you could basically say she was perfection. That is until you’re made privy of her choice in men. Dominick is an aspiring rapper that cheats on Ayanna every time the opportunity is presented. Even after completing their story in the anthology and this book, her reasons for staying is unclear to me, but when she reaches her breaking point, I become one of her biggest fans. "Oh my God. I fucked my boyfriend's younger brother." The chemistry between Ayanna and Dallas appears to be visible to everyone but her. "You planned to use Dallas to get back at Dominick, but how much of what you two did last night was just payback, and how much of it was you two acting on the feelings you two have had for each other all along?" But can you achieve a happily ever after with your ex's brother? That thought paired with the insecurities Dominick has filled her with, makes Ayanna very indecisive, but well within reason. "'It was never supposed to get to here, remember?' she asked softly. 'The plan was to get back at your brother. Not fall... 'She took a breath and cupped her hands over her mouth."

Dallas Roque is a man with a plan. Since childhood, being a basketball player, was his dream. He stepped foot on Langston University's campus to get his degree and excel at basketball, not to get caught up in girls. So, even though he knew Ayanna was "the one", his initial plan came first. "She was a good girl. I knew she was a good girl from the first day we met. Wanted her from the first day we met too, but the timing was off." So, how does Ayanna end up with Dallas's brother and not him? "The talk where I told you I wasn't cool with you asking her out, but you asked her out anyway, only to do her dirty for an entire year." Once senior year is almost complete, Dallas is ready to claim what's his, but Ayanna isn't making it easy. Dallas pulls out just about every trick in his hat and I was tempted to email Brookelyn and tell her to write me in the book so I could tell Dallas forget about Ayanna (lol). "'Yaya, listen.' I swallowed hard. 'I'm interested in doing more of what we did two weeks ago.' She stared at me. 'The roses, the date. I wanna do a lot more of that and with you.'" Persistence is key for Dallas, but as a young, up and coming NBA star, is Ayanna really worth the trouble?

I've never rooted so hard for a fictional couple in my life! Dallas was perfect. Book Bae perfect. When I read his parts I blushed and felt the love in the words he spoke. When you can feel the connection of the characters emanating off the pages, you know the book is good. This book did exactly that for me. Brookelyn Mosely has a way of telling a story that makes you want to reevaluate if you've been doing this thing called love right, and this book is no different. I wanted to devour this book in one sitting but had to pace myself so I could appreciate the story more. This book was one of the best romance books I've read thus far!!

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