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Book Review on When a Bad Boy Steals Your Heart 2 by Phoenix Rae

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

The gang's back and things are messier than ever. Remi, Nash, Harlee, and Alayna are filled with even more drama in this installment. Phoenix Rae gives us closure on most situations, but does leave some stuff up in the air, I'm assuming if she decides to revisit these characters at a later a date. But the important stuff is up and stuck and it was one hell of a ride. This book picks up right where book one left off and like I stated earlier, things are messy. "'I should have just fucked you and left yo hoe ass where you was.' With that Nash gave me one last disgusted look before turning to leave."

Harlee and Nash's storyline was my favorite. Harlee is pregnant and doesn't know if the baby is for Nash or Rico. The beef between Rico and Nash makes Harlee's situation that much messier. "No, you act like I'm not pregnant Nash. I know I fucked up by sleeping with both you and Rico, but the reality of all this is you could be the father of this baby. Even if you don't want to fuck with me anymore, you have to accept that." Nash, the forever ladies’ man, is having a hard time dealing with that reality at the beginning of the story. The maturation of his character was admirable and had me possibly eyeing him for my book bae list. Both characters have sub-storylines as well that were equally interesting and would also be great if the author decided to revisit in a story update or spin off.

Remi and Alayna's storyline gave me a headache. Both characters equally worked on my nerves. Their indecisiveness was frustrating to say the least. In book one, Alayna was the one that wanted a relationship, but Remi was against it. His past with Tisha had him running from love. After the shooting and witnessing Jalisa sucking Remi's dick, Alayna has decided to cut her losses and move on. There's just one teeny tiny problem, Hazel. Hazel is Remi's daughter, and she loves Alayna. Alayna has somewhat turned into a mother figure, which makes it a little harder for her to just say 'Fuck Remi'. "You didn't always find a woman who could love your child as much as you did, but Alayna showed me every time she was around Hazel that she did. Even with us at odds she never treated my daughter differently." But Remi may be too late. Even the nicest girls have to put a cap on when enough is enough.

This book was a five star read for me. The drama, the subplots, the characters being epically ghetto, the real-life scenarios, all of it made me love it. It was a good urban romance read that has me anticipating this author's next body of work. Book one in this series made my Top 10 Books of 2021, and book two will definitely be on my 2022 list. Keep 'em coming Phoenix Rae!!

This book currently doesn't have a release date, but is anticipated to be released this month.

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