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Heaven's Hell... An Urban Fairytale

In 2010 Takerra Allen graced the literary world with Heaven's Hell, an urban fairy tale. In this compelling novel the chapters are all named after fairy tales, and each chapter is befitting of the title. In this blog post I'm going to break down each chapter and how they relate to the fairy tales they're named after. So, if you don't like spoilers, now would be a good time to head out.

Once Upon A Time


This chapter introduces readers to Heaven. She's the main character of the story and her birth isn't like anything you would read in a fairy tale. Her mother is a drug -addicted bottom bitch to her father, Sam. Sam is just what you're thinking he is, a pimp. As soon as Heaven's mother pushes her out, her father gives her the one thing she can't live without, drugs. The one good thing from the whole ordeal is Heaven. "On that day, July 4, 1989, Heaven blessed the earth." But like any other fairytale, the introduction to the main character is imperative to the storyline.

Cinderelli, Cinderelli


Heaven's childhood isn't really comparable to this Disney character's upbringing. But like Cinderella, she's forced to work instead of living the life of a typical child. In this chapter, terrible things are revealed about Heaven's childhood, garnering sympathy from readers. In addition to that, her father seemingly sells her to pay off a debt. "Now hold on before you go jumping the gun, Mr. Khalil just wanna be ya friend. We ain't gonna take him to Heaven yet baby. Don't you worry about that, I done already told him that what you got going on down there, is worth more that a measly couple of hundred dollars from a card game." Like the original Cinderella, Heaven's father abandons her, only he isn't dead and her peril is far worse than any step-mother.

Beauty and the Beast of the Streets


If you've ever watched Beauty and the Beast you know that Belle and the Beast were connected by books. Him gifting her his vast library, tore down the walls around her heart, helping them move forward in to a relationship. The same comparison can be made with Heaven and G. G gives Khalil and Heaven a ride home and Heaven inadvertently leaves one of her books behind. When G notices they have the same taste in literature, it's as if something sparks inside of him. "As G took off, bumping his Lil' Wayne beats, he reached in the backseat and grabbed his copy of The Awakening of Intelligence. I ain't know I left that in here. When was I reading in here? He stopped at a red light and noticed papers hanging out of the book as he opened it. This book belongs to Heaven Jacy. He licked his lips lightly and though of the irony of them reading the same book at the same time, and the crazy thing was that most girls his age hadn't even heard of it."

Meet My Fairy Godmother