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Catching Flights and Things (Part 3)


Our Catching Flights journey has come to an end... for now. Life has been lifeing, so forgive me for not doing part 2. But I'm here to give you my thoughts on the final chapters of this book. This post may contain spoilers, so if they aren't your thing, that's your cue to leave.

Let me start of by saying, this was one hell of a read. The characters, the storyline, and alllll of the drama. I'll applaud Ladii Nesha on executing it in such an entertaining way. A flight crew and all of their off the plane drama was as original as it gets and I would like to thank the storyline gods for putting it Nesha's head. 5 stars, for the plot and storyline.

Next, my favorite character. Kendall is by far one of the baddest bitches in the book game. She isn't the traditional character, she plus sized, with curves in all the right places. Not only is she a baddie, but she's an emotionally unattached baddie. Daddy issues have helped close of her heart, making her the perfect female main character for me.

My least favorite character is Renee, but I'm sure she's everyone's least favorite character. As many times as I tried to feel sorry for her, I just couldn't wrap my heart around it. Baby girl needs serious counseling and I hope she gets the finest one the jail has to offer.

My favorite quote: I'm like Oprah with this shit. She get dick, she get dick, she get dick, they all can get this dick. If you want some dick, drop your name in the comments."

And my favorite scene is when Kendall and Kim rolled up on KJ at Bliss. I could not contain my laughter.

Here's the pics I used in part 3 of my aesthetic video:

And here's part 3 of my aesthetic video:

I can't wait for book 2!

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30 sept. 2022

Yes to all of this. I want Renee to get hers in the second part 😒😒

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