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My Creative Process: How I Created a Project Chick and a Haitian Boss 3 Mood Board

Mood boards have become my new found obsession. When a book is descriptive, along with being entertaining, it really makes me want to create one. A Project Chick and a Haitian Boss 3 by Chan, did just that for me. I'm going to walk you guys through my creative process while making it.



While reading, I highlight any key phrases or objects that stand out to me. Again, Chan was very descriptive in this read, so I had hella highlights. But to make sure I have enough content, I highlight everything and filter through the ones that will be best when getting ready to create it.


Choose my mood board template

I create all of my mood boards through Canva. There's literally a template for everything on there. You can pick what size, what style, and format it to your liking.

The more highlights you have, the bigger you'll want your mood board to be. My level of creativity, or how much I enjoyed the book can also factor in on how nice my mood board looks.


Picking the right pictures

Sometimes it's really hard to find the right picture to convey what you're going for. Canva has a vast picture selection, but if I'm being honest, their pictures of Black people are corny at times. Pinterest is typically my next choice, but I use Unsplash as well. There's also a few Black love pages on Twitter that have really nice pictures of Black couples.


Create magic

Once you get your mood board to your liking, which can include quotes, graphic elements, or any other element, you're ready to share with the world. I sometimes will make logos to the businesses in the books as well. Authors love when they see readers have taken the time to create art from their body of work. It's probably top tier flattery.


Here's my finished product:

Let me know how you guys like it in the comments. Also, let me know if these tips help you create a mood board of your own.

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