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Rah's Best of 2022

Hello 2023, goodbye 2022!  We began 2023 with a bang with the newshit we dropped, but let's go down memory lane and talk about the dope content we created in 2022.  Compiled is a list of my favorite blog posts:


January:  Interviewing Takerra Allen.  If you're familiar with TA's writing then you know we were in for a treat when she sent back her interview answers, she dropped so many gems.

-  For my blog piece , I rated all the leading men in Takerra's catalog.  It was fun going through her books and jotting down how I came up with their ratings.  Takerra can write to out of a book Bae.

-  Qiana's blog was so creative.  She intertwined Heaven's Hell with Disney stories.  That girl be thinking outside the damn box.


February:  Getting a chance to interview Jahquel J.  She isn't really in the mix, so it was great to hear about what she was working on and she felt about inspiring other authors to create book boxes.


June:  Happy Audio Month is celebrated in June, so it was only right to interview some of the hottest narrators and the lovely ladies that admin their pages.  This was so different and awesome.


August:  Qiana coming up with a game to see what male character you were compatible with and me coming up with which female you could relate to was so much fun!  It felt like those games in a Cosmopolitan magazine.


November:  Coming up with a playlist for Taylor's book, Imperfect Love.  I loved her reaction to some of the songs picked and introducing her to songs she never heard of.

3 Reasons to Read Two Minute Warning by Alexandra Warren - I loved writing this piece up because the recipe called for football, social media influencer and love.

Reviewing Demon' Dream by Elle Kayson.  Let's just say 768 had us in a chock hold.  I loved that the nickname '768' was born in HHB and it took off!

Reviewing End of Time by Charae Lewis - I got the pleasure to receive an ARC to review.  My write up turned to me diagnosing the characters like Jas be doing 🤣

Halloween book list -  I finally popped my cherry and read some good ass paranormal books.

Reviewing Come Undone by Marvin Mason - this was sent to us to edit/proof but it didn't feel like work.  A great mystery novel that contained a story the trials and tribulations that a black male goes through when dealing with a trigger happy cop.


Dropping our digital reading journal.  It was heartwarming to see folks utilizing it while reading.


Book discussions are always fun in HHB.  I'm always going to be in my car, with a drink and I'mma argue with Jas, Qiana and possibly the authors.  Here go some of my favorites:

In 2022, we kicked off our HHB Literary Donations & Charities.  My fondest moments were donating coloring books to Sasha's school and giving away 300 books on Halloween.  Sasha had fun passing books out ( our lil mascot).


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