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Reviewing Demon's Dream by Elle Kayson

*This book review contains spoilers*


The longest book I've ever read was Pimp C's autobiography and that 726 pages long. I told myself never again. Then here comes HHB suggesting it in the group. My first mind was to start it after I reached my Goodreads goal, I had 34 books to go at the time but the noise around Demon's Dream aka 768 made me push it to the top of my list. Glad I didn't wait. All 768 pages were worth the read.

Damien "Demon" Montana had a tumultuous upbringing. I mean, dude's mama was a clucka that sold her body, and had a pimp who found pleasure in terrorizing her kids.

Dream Castle is the oldest child, with twin siblings; DeAnglo & Dayana. When DeAngelo and his girlfriend, Crystal, decide to elope and impregnates her behind her father, Dante's, back all hell breaks loose. In order to save her brother's life and to keep her father in the good graces with Dante, Dante proposes Dream gives herself to his half brother, Demon. The 'contract' between Demon and Dream was only supposed to last for 30 days.

The union between Demon and Dream is sexual, at first, but she eventually creeps into his heart... Chipping away at the ice formed around it. It isn't an easy task loving a troubled man, but Dream does succeed. All it took was 30 days and it was beautiful to watch unfold.

Usually secondary characters add a little sprinkle to the storyline but Smoke and Dayana shined like a mf'er!

Cartier 'Smoke' Salinas becomes a single father when his only love passes away from ovarian cancer. 🖕 cancer! He vows to never love again... But you know how the saying goes, never say never.

Dayana Castle, the youngest family member is forced into a marriage arrangement, arranged by her father. She wants out because her fuck boy of a fiancé, Jordan can't keep his thang in his pants.

When the Castle sisters stumble into Smoke's club, Smoke finds Dayana sitting by herself crying over her situation. One conversation leads to the two of them linking up. Dayana wanted to get her lick back because of Jordan's infidelity and Smoke just needed to bust one. Eventually the two fall for one another. Whew chile! When Smoke disrupts Dayana and Jordan's wedding, it screamed BDE!

Crazy how you can still want more after 768 pages. I didn’t want it to end! This was a 5-star read for me. I'm sad that I can only go up to 5. The male characters were alpha asf and had a lotta BDE going on. The sisters were a couple of bad asses that held their own as well. The storyline flowed easily with no fluff. Impressively, there weren't any errors which says a lot considering the page count. Do yo'self a favor and read the book. Great job, Elle!

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