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Reviewing on End of Time by Charae Lewis

Typically, my write ups aren't deep, nor do I focus on the mental of characters, that's Jasmine's lane because she's the house doctor. I hope I do it justice and make her proud. But after reading Charae Lewis's newest, End of Time, I took a moment to research how childhood trauma can affect future relationships. You can grow up under the same roof and experience the same abuse but how one deals with it can be completely different.

Charae's latest is about the Ali men; brothers (Omir and Worth) and their cousin (Ju). After Ju's mother leaves him with her sister, Randi, he along with his cousins are subjected to her abuse. Below, I'll break down how the abuse has impacted them in their relationships.

Omir Ali, the levelheaded of the 3, is also the one with the biggest commitment fears. Omir has never had a girlfriend and is anti-relationship/love. Women are only bitches and hoes in his eyes and merely needed for a nut. That is until he meets Bellamy. Bellamy is legally blind but that doesn't stop her from living life, and that's what attracts Omir. He's smitten by her tenacity and drive but opening up scares him.

Worth Ali, my hothead, is the opposite of his brother. He loves out loud and isn't ashamed of it. We meet Worth in the first chapter, crashing his ex's wedding. After laying low for a crime committed, Worth comes back into town to reclaim Karin. Unlike Omir, Worth doesn't have a problem being open about his love for Karin. Sounds good, right?! It can be, but with Worth, it's a codependency, which is never healthy. Karin is more than a lover with lending ear, she's literally his everything. Which can be draining.

Ju Ali, the youngest of the pack. Ju is twenty years old who has his eyes set on a woman that's 7 years his senior. He instantly admires the way she takes great care of her child. I believe the attachment to an older woman who is motherly is because of the void of not his mother in his life.

Loving a complicated, broken, and troubled man isn't for the weak. Charae's pen game is something serious. I loved all 3 of the Ali men and can't wait to see if with time they'll heal and let love prevail. Another 5-star read for me.

This book isn't out yet, but it will be releasing Sunday, April 10th.

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Unknown member
Apr 08, 2022

🤗🤗🤗🤗 thank you Jas!


Unknown member
Apr 08, 2022

Okkkkk, therapist Rah💜💜 Gon ‘head then! Trauma definitely manifests differently in different people, and sometimes, if given the right environment, it may not manifest at all. I wanna read this😍

Unknown member
Apr 08, 2022
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