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3 Reasons to Read Two Minute Warning by Alexandra Warren



Imagine my delight when I picked this to read the day after football season started. Imagine the hurt I felt when Tom Brady was mentioned, and he'd just beaten my Cowboys the day before I picked up the book. I don't blame Alex; I blame the universe. Football season is simply the best time of the year; great weather, BBQ, tailgating and watching your team in anticipation of making it to the Bowl. Reading Two Minute Warning, I appreciated the fact that the starting QB was a black man. That was an added bonus and even though he played for Houston, I was rooting for Kendall "Snoopy" Dogwood, the quarterback outta UT.


Social Media Influencer

Shakira "Kiki" Knight being a social media Influencer and is so fitting in today's time. Nowadays, folks are monetizing off TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. From mukbangs, to makeup tutorials, to funny skits, and reviewing books we love to read (make sure to follow Qiana and Jasmine on TikTok). You can pretty much make money with the right kind of content.



The general consensus is that Alex writes some really cute romance books. This was just exactly that. There was a bit of drama, but it wasn't drama-filled. Snoopy and Kiki are a cute couple that have instant chemistry with their banter. My girl Kiki is funny asf! I loved how protective he was of her and how she cheered her man on while he was on the field. The love scenes will make you swoon too.


Alexandra didn't disappoint with this 5-star read. Get into the sport and romance.

Go Cowboys!

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