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The Tay Mo'Nae Collection

Tay Mo'Nae has been rocking with Hopeful Heartbreakers since just about the beginning. I've done multiple pieces on her work, because almost from the first book, I was hooked. Her cute little romance stories are so refreshing to read, and along with being detailed, they inspire me to create so many different things. I'm going to recap you guys on some of my favorite pieces in honor of her being our November newsletter author.


When Hopeful Heartbreakers first started, we did Talk to Me Thursday. Here's a recap of what she had to say that Thursday.


The first book I reviewed by Tay Mo'Nae was He Ain't Your Ordinary B.A.E. Click the link below and check it out.


Tay Mo'Nae did something different last year. She started writing under a pen name. Check out my book reviews on the two books she released under Phoenix Rae.


Tay Mo'Nae had a breakout book in 2022, Drunk in Love. Check out the book review I did on it.


Aesthetic videos have kind of become my thing lately. Check out the one I did on A Blind Encounter.


It's always a good time creating mood boards for Tay Mo'Nae's books. Check out the ones I did for Imperfect Love.


Here is the book review I did on her most recent release, It's Always Been You.


If you haven't checked out a Tay Mo'Nae book yet, this is your sign to get to downloading.

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