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Book Review on Drunk in Love by Tay Mo'nae

Title is scheduled to be released April 24, 2022

What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas. Kazier, or K-Don, is in Vegas partying and celebrating his newly released rap single. Like most rappers, women are always at his disposal. When his eyes land on Ny'asia, his inner hoe alerts him that he has to have her. After a night of drunken, unadulterated sex, these two strangers are ready to get as far away from each other as possible. There's just one catch, they're now husband and wife. "'What they fuck you talking?' K-Don's voice suddenly grew louder. 'I'm not fucking married!'" What was supposed to be a one-night stand quickly grew into a life-long headache.

Kazier is your typical rap playboy. He's young, cocky and paid. Since getting into the rap game, there are very few people he can trust. His circle is small, mainly consisting of his mom, dad, cousin and two best friends. Everyone else has to earn his trust and it isn't given very easily. So, when he learns that he's married a stranger, he's sold on the fact that Ny'asia has drugged him. There's no way he would do something so dumb. Not only does he not know her, but he also has no desire to ever be married. When Ny'asia disappears after learning of their union and with five thousand of his dollars, he's sure she was only looking for some sort of come up. But when she returns weeks later announcing she's pregnant, he's sold on his come-up theory. "I didn't know what Ny’asia’s end game was, but she was about to learn quick that if she was looking for a come up, I was the wrong nigga to go after." When Kazier's record label suggests he stays married to help change his image, he's upset to say the very least. With the pressure to make sure the marriage looks real and actually getting to know Ny'asia, Kazier realizes that things aren't as bad as they seem. "Truthfully she's grown on me. The past couple of months getting to know her and being around makes me look at her differently. When I first was forced to stay with her, I wasn't happy about it, but now I don't know I don't look at it like a burden I guess." If only he can keep his ego in check and leave his groupies alone, he may turn out to be an okay husband.

Ny'asia's old life has her in a bit of a pickle. Her ex-boyfriend or old friends weren't good for her. After leaving her old life behind, she decides to spend a weekend in Vegas, courtesy of the money she stole from her ex. When she wakes up from her drunken stupor and realizes K-Don isn't as charismatic sober as he is drunk, she takes five bands from his wallet and dips. She's determined to turn her life around. She's got an apartment and is even looking for a job. The stress of trying to get her life in order is stressing her out and making her sick, or so she thinks. After one too many prayers to the toilet gods, Ny'asia realizes she's pregnant and there's only one way she can think to resolve this issue, go find her husband so he can take care of his responsibilities. "She's pregnant, but I don't know that, that baby is mine. She let me hit on the first night without knowing me. Not only that but she disappeared for a month then popped up talking about she's pregnant. That shits fishy as fuck!" Ny'asia's past has just about everyone questioning her motives, but she's willing to prove that she's as solid as they come, and her past has no determination on her future. "I didn't want to be back in a situation where I was depending on a man. I didn't want my life shaken up after I fought so hard to get it back on track." Ny'asia's newfound spotlight has a few skeletons falling out of her closet, making her already distrusting husband sorry that he even almost gave her the benefit of the doubt.

I want to start off by saying these two characters worked on my nerves! I didn't know if I wanted to love or hate Kazier. One minute he was an egotistical asshole and the next he was doing something so sweet I was considering adding him to my book bae list, only for him to do something that pissed me off in the next chapter. Ny'asia was so stubbornly independent she would bite off her own nose to spite her face, which annoyed me so much. But in some scenes, it made me proud. She wasn't a weak bitch and I loved that for her. The sub-characters in this story were amazing. Kazier was a major asshole, but his family was top tier. Even when he wasn't what his wife needed him to be, his family was, and they forced him to step his game up. One thing I love about Tay Mo'nae is her character development. It's top tier! She will take a character and literally grow them up on these pages. Both main characters had a bunch of highs and lows, but in the end, they stayed on a high note and had me swooning by the end of the story. This story is a celebrity romance/marriage of convenience and is a full length stand-alone. So, if you're into either, I highly recommend this book. But even if you aren’t into either, I still highly recommend his book.

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