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Book Review on He Ain't Your Ordinary B.A.E. by Tay Mo'Nae

He Ain't Your Ordinary B.A.E. is a story that revolves around four main characters. Dayon, Ryder, Quentin and Amina. Ryder and Amina are two exotic dancers that have bonded and grown to love each other while working together in a strip club. Dayon and Quentin are friends, but they work together as well. Dayon is a boxer and Quentin is his manger. The drama that comes with these four characters definitely kept me entertained.

Dayon and Ryder meet at the strip club she's working at. Now a strip club isn't your ideal place to meet your soulmate, but it seems to work for these two. There's just one catch. Dayon is engaged.

Dayon is engaged to Toya, who's an OB/GYN. When I tell you sis got on my nerves, sis tap danced on every nerve in my body.

When Dayon starts a romance with Ryder, I actually cheer for them. Forgetting all about his engagement. That is until Ryder turns up pregnant.

Then there's Amina and Quentin. They've been together much longer than Dayon and Ryder and have their own set of problems. Quentin is ready for Amina to stop stripping.

There's just one problem, she doesn't want to. Amina gave me Mercedes from P-Valley vibes. Sis was good at what she did and loved it. She didn't want her love for a man to get her off her grind.

When these story lines get going, it's nothing short of entertaining. Love, happiness, betrayal and deceit are a few of the key elements in this story.

Overall I enjoyed this story. The storyline was entertaining and slightly different from your usual romance story. My favorite character was Amina. I loved how no matter what Quentin said she didn't let that sway how she felt about her own life. Dayon almost made my book bae list, but he had some parts in the story that had me side-eyeing him. I will definitely be reading more from this author.

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