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Talk to Me Thursday ft. Kaige Keira

1. Are you a full-time or part-time author? How does that affect your writing?

I am sort of a part time author. I still work a regular job. It sort of affects my energy level to write. Some days I feel like it and most day I don’t.

2. What kind(s) of writing do you do?

Lol I don’t even know. My editor says I’m all over. Suspense. Young adult. Romance. My books are hard to categorize. Nothing is simple and clear cut.

3. What’s the biggest thing that people think they know about your genre that isn’t so?

That for authors like me...its so unclear what we would produce. Both of my series are unique and changing. One book may be a romance story but the second book may be different.

4. Is there anything about the writing life you think is misunderstood by the public?

The countless hours we (authors) put in to these stories. I thought it was all roses until I found myself outlining and rereading my work to keep book 2 and 3 going in the same flow. Some nights I fell asleep at my desk because I was just writing.

5. How many books have you written?

4 are published and 2 are wip. Those books are getting released later this year.

6. If someone is brand new to your work, what book do you think they should start with?

Twisted Family. My characters will tie into other series as well. So might as well start off with the story that stayed stuck in my head for years.

7. What’s the title of your most recent book?

Love Without Trust: Epitome of Love. It is officially released on June 30th.

8. How did you come up with the title of the book?

Twisted Family is somewhat self explanatory. The family is freaking insane. I don’t really even have a fav character when it comes down to that series. Love Without Loyalty was a bit difficult. But as i wrote i realized this series would touch on something that is essential in a relationship. For example what is love without loyalty? What is love without trust?

9. What’s the back of the book summary?

Twisted Family: is about Laylani Harris. She is staying with her sister after her breakup and is helping plan a funeral for her older brother. Throughout her entire stay at Ivy’s house....laylani learns that her sister is harboring a secret.

Twisted Family 2: the death of lucky finds Laylani in a revengeful state. She wants Ivy to suffer. But like the rest of the family...laylani’s secrets are now being exposed.

Love without Loyalty: Autumn never been on let alone has a man. Avery Richards seems like an avid candidate that could change all that but his past keeps popping up.

Love Without Trust: Blessings is still cooping from her breakup as she manages to be a new mother and falling in love with her young son, Elijah. She is slowly making progress and even goes to therapy to keep her on the right track. But nothing could prepare her for the devastating tragedy that's about to strike. Everything in Blessings world comes tumbling back down as she faces the biggest loss, she never imagined she would face.

10. Tell us about the main characters.

Twisted Family:

Laylani Harris is the baby of the Harris Clan. She is spoiled, rowdy, but most of all lovable. Her energy is contagious but it what lies deep beneath her surface that is the total opposite.

Ivy Harris has suffered at the hands of her mother and others since she was young. Her mother hated Laylani and took her frustrations out on Ivy in the most inhumane way possible. Everything bad that happened to Ivy, she blamed her sister.

Mal Thomas is the most manipulative man you could run across. He is deceitful. Arrogant. And a compulsive liar. But he knows what buttons to push to make it seem like you were at fault.

Christopher Harris: was abused by his mother as well. Left Ivy to fend for herself. He then dumped all his love he had for ivy into Laylani. Looking at Ivy reminded him of the past he wanted to forget.

Love Without:

Autumn Coleman: is sort of an over achiever. She seen how men led the women in her family astray. But the ideal love Autumn thinks a relationship should idiotic at most. She expects her men to be perfect all the time.

Avery Richards: is seemingly perfect. But he has been flawed. He tries to be the man Autumn wants him to be he keeps falling short.

Blessings Richards:is a no holds barred kind of girl. She says what she has to say and keeps it moving. But she never expected her heart to break like it did.

Priest Sanders: is but into a tough spot as he struggles with family and the whats important to him. But the choices he picked made him out to be the bad guy.

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