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You're My Reason - 5 Reasons Why We Love Friends-To-Lovers Tropes

This novella was a great read. Vice and Ari were BF's who quite didn't get the memo that they were in love like everyone around them did. Below, I'll be listing why we all love a good ole friends to lovers read:

• Friendship makes for the strongest basis of any relationship. 

Solid, lasting friendships are build on a history.

• Friendship doesn’t blind you to the other person’s faults. 

With friends, we see plenty of flaws and imperfections and choose to accept them—maybe even appreciate them—because you know the other person compliments you because of them.

• Friendship builds intimacy. 

Friendship feels safe, so it’s easier to come unguarded into the relationship without fear of rejection.

Built in chemistry! 

That spark of is instantaneous because of their foundation.

• Other tropes can join in the fun and only make the story richer. 

Think of all the fun an author can have with this trope. I mean, there are several other tropes that can added.  For example, conventional or unconventional marriage...  The right author with an imagination & pen game can make it possible.

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