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  • Rahel

WTF Moments from Garden of Eden by Millie Belizaire

Romance novels don't usually have a lot of outrageous WTF moments, but a good romance author will drop a few subtle bombs just to make their story memorable. Well, that's exactly what Millie did! She gave us a few bombs, some subtle, some very blatant and that made this read that much better. Keep scrolling to see what our WTF moments were in this book.

1. "Just drive around the area. She couldn't have gone far."

When Sister Kathleen is released from the hospital, no one from The Abundant Life Center is there to pick her up. This elderly woman in her 80s was roaming the streets with dementia. The Bishop's response and reaction to this had me gasping. His lack of concern had me floored and somewhat pissed.

2. "On the outside, The Abundant Life Center, came off as a highly charitable organization that took it upon themselves to care for the old and sick. What was less apparent was the fact that these elderly members forfeited their power of attorney to the church in exchange for this 'care'. Yes we were helping the elderly, but by no means was the church doing it for free."

Being a Bishop & having elders in your care only to have them sign over their finances. To make matters worse, the church allowed said elders sleep outdoors. Said elders were also newly discharged from hospitals due to illnesses & suffered dementia.

3. "I didn't correct her. I never corrected anyone when they assumed I believed in God."