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WTF Moment from The Carter Boys by Desiree

This whole series was hilarious & had plenty of WTF moments... Below are some of the most craziest moments from those wild ass Carter Boys & Company:

1. After Trent (Kodak Moment) Carter & Jade have sex for all of 2 seconds, he tells everyone that their tryst was brief because she smells & has warts, when in all actuality she had just put it on him.

2. The entire time Tia thought she was sexing the infamous Jodie Carter, she was really in bed with Jahiem. The two brothers had pulled the ultimate switch-a-roo on her.

3. Although, Trent lied to his frat & the entire campus about Jade, they eventually give into their sexual tension and end up together.

4. Jordyn with the Y, glasses and all, isn't as sweet and innocent as she seems. After running into Jodie Carter at the gas station, she flat out asks him if he wants to f*ck.

5. The switch-a-roo with Jodie, Jaheim and Tia results in an unexpected pregnancy. And shockingly., Tia wants to keep the baby.

6. Big Tay was teased so badly by Trent Carter when they were younger, due to her excessive weight. However, no amount of cruel jokes would stop her from crushing on the boy. After coming back home from college, she's finds that the tables have turned. Trent now finds her curvy, adult body attractive and ultimately, she gets him to cheat on his girlfriend, Jade while she's away in NY.

7. Trent goes to Jade's room but when he discovers she's not there, he shoots his shot at her roommate, Jordyn. When Jordyn attempts to tell her about her no good boyfriend, Jade & Tia join forces and beat her up. Tia claiming that Jordyn stole her 'man' Jodie was definitely a WTF moment in this scene.

8. When the cat comes out of the bag that Jahiem isn't the only brother Tia has slept with, Jahiem fights his own brothers, Trent & Elijah.

9. During Big Tay's 'f*ck Trent' moment, she goes to a party & unknowingly has sex with a gay man who just considers himself curious for the night.

10. Olivia Carter, the sole sister of the Carter gang, comes off as the virtuous, but chile!! This girl snorts powder, she isn't a virgin like she claims and she steals. She has no shame in crying rape either.

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