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Why I'd Love To Be Yumi's Bestie


Yumi from Rich Off Cocaine by Mercy B. was a whole vibe. She was charismatic, a great friend and a literary baddie. The entire time I was reading this book I was thinking of how dope her friendship with her bestie, Taylor, was and how I wouldn't mind a friend like her. So, in this blog piece I'm going to give you 10 reasons why I would like to be Yumi's bestie. Catch baby girl's vibe and let me know if you think she'd make a good bestie for you.

This post contains spoilers. So, if you don't like them, now would be a good time to leave.


1. She celebrates with you the entire month for your birthday.

"It was Taylor’s birthday month and after losing a bet to her, Yumi was forced to accompany her girl wherever she decided to go in June. And to her dismay, Taylor never decided not to go."


2. Knows how to clear a bitch.

“Not really. It’s just that the last thing I’m going to do is argue with you about a nigga that would eat my ass out the garbage if that’s where I left it for him.”

“Instead of worrying about this G-Wagon and AP-worthy pussy, please visit your nearest clinic to find out why yours couldn’t keep him.”

“And, yet, he’s on my line still begging to suck the bacteria out of mine if I let him? Listen, go find another ditch to play in, because this one is dangerous. If he’s yours then leave me the fuck alone about him.”

"Andrea could hardly keep up. Blow after blow, Yumi let them go. It wasn’t until Yumi stepped back to give her time to get herself together that she dropped the drink from her hand and was able to get into her stance. 'I’m a fair motherfucker,' Yumi stated calmly, having not broken a sweat. 'Get ya self together.'"

"'If I wanted it, that dick would be mine today. So, the next time you think about stepping to me about a nigga I can’t keep off my line, think twice bitch. Because now every time I see you, I’m beating your ass. If you’re smart, you’ll walk the other way,' Yumi explained to Andrea as she pounded her fist into her head. She was so busy clawing away at Yumi’s skin that she hadn’t gotten a single lick."


3. She loves music.

"Before she was able to get very far from her bed, she leaned over and grabbed her phone. She’d forgotten the most important part of preparing for the nightlife. Her music. It was her pregame."

"Rich Energy, she thought as she unlocked her iPhone and scrolled through the music app. The Rich Energy playlist she’d curated was updated each time a rap or an upbeat song was released that she discovered she liked. Every artist on the playlist was female. Once the beat of Megan’s Movie dropped, it was official. Yumi’s night had finally started."


4. She isn't a hoe.

"Exclusive. Both she and Yumi could claim that title with confidence. And did."


5. Buys her friends PJs for when they sleep over.

"Taylor stood and stretched with a deep groan. She had changed out of her club attire and was sporting one of the many loungewear sets that Yumi bought her for nights that she stayed over in the guestroom."


6. Designs her own clothes.

"In addition to the thrifted shorts that she’d slashed here and there, she decided on a graphic tee that she’d tossed bleach over, slit the top of, and stringed fabric through. Her full D-cup bust would be on display, playing hide and seek through the slight exposed center of the tee."


7. She likes to read.

"The trip there and back with Alexandra Warren’s latest book Can’t Catch Me took less than an hour. The Black-owned bookstore was a true gem. It only carried Black-authored books and their urban and romance sections were filled with authors that Yumi loved drowning out the hours of the day reading – including A.C. Taylor, Grey Huffington, and B. Love."

"Only a few, Taylor, she warned as she opened the freshly printed book and inhaled the pages. Her happy place. Books were that and so much more for her."

"But, the truth was, she’d never rat her girl out. Yumi was snug under the sheets of her room at Taylor’s house glued to a book."


8. She likes to cook.

"The kitchen seemed to have been made specifically for Yumi, one who loved to cook and create new dishes. At least four times a week, Yosohn could find her in the kitchen, and he had. She forced him home early to eat dinner by eight thirty every time she got her hands dirty with pots, pains, and recipes."


9. She's green when it comes to street shit. So, she needs a street savvy friend.

"'You smoke?' he asked. 'Uhhh… Occasionally.' Yumi chuckled nervously. The last thing she wanted was to look like the lame that Yosohn claimed she was all the time."


10. Not afraid to tell her friends like it is.

"'Sounds ungrateful to me,' Yumi added with a raised brow."

"'Taylor, it’s five thousand more than you had already,' Yumi reasoned, calming Taylor down."


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Unknown member
Jul 01, 2022

Once I got to reason #2 I knew this book was going be a book I wanted to read, so I had to stop reading the spoilers. Yumi read that girl to filth 😩😩

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