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Why Brielle Was My Favorite Character From Love Headlines

Love Headlines was filled with characters that had tons of personality, but the character that stuck out the most to me was Briella. Most times its hard for readers to connect to female characters, and if we're being honest, these female characters can really work a nerve. Brielle's character was a bit flawed, but she was still likable and resonated with me. So, keep reading to get my breakdown on why I'm adding her to my book bestie list.


  1. Brielle was literally that girl

Brielle was a boss bitch. She was the owner of a gossip blog. The employees were so paid, two of them gave her a Chanel bag for Christmas. She was independent, but not so strong and independent she irritated you. The perfect balance of bad bitch and bad decisions.


2. She knew how to fall down with grace

Brielle recently went through a breakup. We as women know how terrible things can get during a bad break up. But instead of blasting her cheating ex on social media, my good sis took her L privately. I was lowkey proud of her.


3. She wasn't a dummy

Brielle may have made a few bad decisions, but she was no dummy. From her being aware enough to get that Plan B pill after her encounter with Frost, to seeing who he really was. Sis was adamant on not being made a fool.


4. Let her heart lead

Even though Brielle went through a great deal of stuff in this book, she still ended up letting her heart lead her. Ultimately, her heart helped her make the right choices in the end, resulting in her happily ever after.


If you feel Brielle has the characteristics of a good book bestie, be sure to read her story. I'm sure you'll be just as entertained as me while reading.

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