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The Soundtrack of Head Over Heels for a Chi-Town Heavy by Jade Jones

A lot of authors have started incorporating soundtracks with their novels, I'm sure for various reasons. Some may incorporate songs in the actual body of work, some listen to certain songs while writing and some hear songs in their head that pertain to the character's situation. No matter the reason, these authors put a lot of work in to giving us these soundtracks.

This month I'm focusing on Head Over Heels for a Chi-Town Heavy by Jade Jones. This book was filled with drama and club scenes and that's where the playlist comes in at. The music set the mood in the book. Whether the characters were listening to music themselves in the book or the music was blasting in the club, the author understood the assignment with these songs. Also, the music helped give a better understanding to the characters and their roles in the book.

This book isn't very lengthy, so the playlist is very short, but it holds a lot of weight. Jade added the playlist to Spotify, but I took the liberty of adding the playlist to Tidal as well. Click the links below to access the playlist. If the music inspires you, please check out this read. If you've already read the book, let us know if these songs were on point.

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