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The Evolution of Animal

If you are a tenured reader like me, you're well versed with K'wan and his extensive catalog. He's dabbled in Urban Lit and now is well known for his Crime Fiction books. Throughout his evolution, his characters have evolved as well. One of my favorites is Animal. Readers like me have practically grew up with Animal. K'wan is currently working on Animal 5, so what better way to get caught up while waiting than taking a trip down memory lane.

We first meet Animal in the third installment of The Hood Rat series. When he is first mentioned it's almost as if he's the Boogey Man. "He lay one of us and the Animal is gonna come for his ass, everybody know that." When we are finally introduced to Animal, he's technically a kid, but the streets have made him a grown man. "Though Animal did grown-man things, he was still technically a child, and sometimes the traits showed. Animal was in the streets like the rest of them, but he wasn't like them. He had layers to his character, and untold potential, but Animal was hardheaded." Just as Tech took Animal under his wing, Animal had a crew of dogs that are always down to ride for him. Brasco, Nefertti and Ashanti are the members of Animal's crew or should I say family. "We several bodies, but we share one heart. We kill and we die as one."

Animal also gets hooked up with Don B. in this installment. "I'm gonna give you fifty thousand as an advance. We'll get you on some mixtapes and doing features for some of the artists we already got on deck. Once we get your beak wet, we'll see if we can get you thirsty enough for the life to join the team." Animal also meets the love of his life, Gucci. "You show me a lady, and I'll show you a gentleman. Show me a bitch and I'll show you a G; not saying that you fall in to either category, of course." One of the most crucial moments in Animal's life was Tech's death. "He'd always known he would go out how he lived; he just wished it hadn't been so soon." Tech was Animal's big brother and mentor. His death changed the dynamics of his evolution.