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Reading On A Budget

If you're anything like me you want to read all day... Every day. But book purchases can get expensive. Below I have listed 5 ways to help every reader reach their maximum book worm potential.

1. Library Card

In this day and age library cards have become taboo. I myself just recently got a new library card last year. Up until now, I simply bought all the books I was interested in. Eventually that gets expensive, and quite frankly, you won't read a lot that way. While out at one of my husband's car club events I met a lady that told me the library offered free audio books. At the time I wasn't an audio book listener, but now, that's mainly how I read. The library not only has actual books they have eBooks and audio books too! There are several apps as well to check out books. Some have limits, but I haven't reached them yet. This has turned out to be my favorite way to read.

2. Kindle Unlimited

Thanks to the co-creators of this blog I have also become an avid Kindle Unlimited user. It's not 100% free like the library, but $10 a month is pennies to the limitless amount of books they offer. I found some of my new favorites on Kindle Unlimited. If you need help on where to get started we have a blog post with suggestions on authors to read. You can also join our Facebook reading group. We have plenty of readers that can point you in the direction of a good read.

3. Thrift Store

You will be amazed at how many people actually get rid of books. Spring cleaning, no longer need or simply downsizing are all reasons some people may get rid of books. The books aren't free, but they may as well be. You can find some reads as low as $.50! Try a quick google search to locate you're nearest thrift store and start treasure hunting.

4. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is simply an online thrift store. So the same rules apply for the above category. People are simply downsizing, moving or clearing out what they call "junk". Some areas may have better selections than others and some sellers may ship to you. Just simply type in "books" and you may find your new favorite read.

5. Book Loans On Amazon

Some authors give you the option to loan out their books. They simply want the word to get around about how good their books are. Just a few clicks and you could possibly find you new favorite author. Below I have added some screenshots so you and your friends can start loaning.

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