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Qi's Amazon Haul (5/14/23 - 5/20/23)

Life has been lifeing and I haven't been able to share my Amazon purchases as often as I should. But I'm back! So, here's a few of the items I've purchased while I was away.


If you like to take pictures in dark settings, or need a purse light, this gadget is perfect for you. It clips on your phone, but looks as if it's just a square. You can cut it on or set it to only come on when it senses motion. Just what me and my junky purse needed.


When I returned home I realized I'd left my Apple Watch charger in California. This wire is efficient because you can use it to charge your watch and your phone. It's also a fast charger.


We needed a new shower head and this one is perfect. The water pressure is great. It's as if you're standing in the rain.


I don't have to tell y'all how much I love books. I found this book vase and it was a great addition to my living room.


I wanted a key holder for my living room so there wouldn't be keys thrown about on the coffee table. This one is magnetic and the magnet is pretty strong.


If you have minimal closet space like me, you'll appreciate this. You can hang multiple things on one hanger, maximizing your storage.


I have a small comic book collection and I was looking for cool ways to store them. This box was perfect and gives me super hero vibes. Had to have it.


We have a hall light but I wanted a light that would turn off by itself. This wall sconce comes with a remote and it has timer. You can also change the colors of the lights.


I left my good keyboard in California and the transmitter for my other one was missing. So, I just got another one. This one is good. The keyboard cover keeps me from getting my crumbs all in between the keys and makes for smoother typing. I also love the feel of the mouse.


I wanted a motion light for my kitchen and this one was perfect. The motion detector picks up as soon as I'm in the kitchen. The light is also rechargeable.


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