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Qi's Amazon Haul (4/16/23-4/22/23)

Hey guys!! I'm back with my Amazon obsession. I've got some pretty cool things and I couldn't wait to share them with you. So, let's get right to it.


I got these shoe storage containers for my husband. I was tired of looking at his ugly shoe boxes. These were very easy to put together and fit nicely in the top of our closet. I was a little skeptical about getting them because the description states the only hold up to a size 11 shoe, but his size 13s fit.


We live abroad, so I wanted something light that would be east to pack when it's time to travel to our next destination. This quilt is perfect. Gives our bed the homey feel.


Y'all know I've recently become obsessed with press on nails. And I think I've found a new pair to add to my rotation. These are acrylic, so they don't feel cheap and don't have any bend to them. They came with sticky tabs and glue, I used both in hopes that they will stay on longer.


I have a few trips coming up and I wanted to be a little more organized with my packing. These luggage accessories are perfect to do just that. I can't wait to use them.


Who doesn't want a book lamp?! It's kind of small, but once open it does what it needs to do. Perfect for my desk.


I also got this lamp for my night stand. It's rechargeable and works by touch. It's also small and doesn't take up much space.


I got some new nibs for my Apple pencil. They work great with my paper feel screen protector. Perfect for writing in my digital reading journal.


I also got a case for my Apple pencil and nibs. That way I won't lose it around the house when I don't have my case on it.


I saw this candle and I couldn't resist it. It's funny and has a clean smell. Almost like laundry detergent. The link to the one I purchased says something else, so I've linked another one for your convenience.


I have more stuff being delivered this weekend. So, I'll see y'all next week.

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