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Qi's Amazon Haul (4/23/23-4/29/23)

Hey peeps! I'm back with my Amazon haul. And I'm hear to peer pressure you into buying stuff that you probably don't need. So, keep scrolling to check out my purchases this week.


Because I'm on the go, I don't have all the things that my "real" house has. I needed a hamper for my dirty towels and found these. They feel like paper but are waterproof and have a drawstring at the top that makes it easy for traveling.


I'm still on my lash girl tip. This glue is supposed to be easier to use when doing clusters. Just don't apply all the way to the end of your lashes.


I also got some new lashes. They aren't dramatic, they look more natural, and also come with bottom lashes.


I found some transparent sticky notes to annotate when actually read paperbacks. Of course they're hearts, so I had to have them.


I found this wig and I really like it. It isn't really full, but the knots were small and I didn't have to do anything but install it. The hair is super soft!


Of course, since I got a new wig, I had to get the necessary tools to install it. This kit comes with everything you need and is perfect for beginners like myself.


Pin curling my wig was a bit of work. So, I found these flexirods. They're a bit on the smaller side, and come with a carrying case. But they're perfect for me


I tried out a new set of press ons. The color was different and I like the lil' diamond accents. They're acrylic, so they don't feel cheap and flimsy.


I found these cute pens and have to have them. The purple looks like our HHB purple so that was an additional plus. They even come with a cute case for storage.


I needed chair to go with my new desk. This one looked comfortable, so I got it. It was really easy to put together and comes with everything you need to assemble. I've been sitting in it all week and it has really helped my back.


I really need eyeglass cleaner, but I saw this screen cleaner and decided it would work just as well. It comes with the liquid, a cleaning cloth and a little brush. Stores easily and will fit in your purse.


I found these heart bookmark and for obvious reasons, I added them to my cart. They're really cute and look good in my books.


That's it for my weekly Amazon purchases. I'll be back next week to show y'all all the stuff I got that I didn't need. Love y'all.

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30 de abr. de 2023

Can you do a wig install tutorial 👀

Membro desconhecido
01 de mai. de 2023
Respondendo a

This was my first install. I’m not good enough to do that yet 🤭 But I can send you the people I watch on TT that helped me. 😂😂😂

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