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Qi's Amazon Haul (2/26/23-3/4/23)

Hey boos! I'm back with another Amazon haul. I don't have a set theme for anything I purchased. But if I'm too lazy to leave the house, I'm one-clicking on Big 'Zon. Keep scrolling to see what I purchased.


I got the right size press on nails. They are really inexpensive and a quick save when your nails aren't done. Great for when I make my videos and don't want my hands to look busted.


Our apartment doesn't have light fixtures in the bedroom, so I decided to get these lights to add to our closet. They're rechargeable and come with magnetic backs to add to whatever surface you decide. They are really easy to install. I may order more for our kitchen cabinets.


I've been eyeing standing desks for a while and finally got one. But my husband is out of town and I didn't assemble it correctly. The rod that elevates the desk is only lifting one side. Outside of that, this desk is a win. It holds all three of my monitors comfortably. The only con is it doesn't have any storage compartments. But I'll just buy some storage for it later. There's even two hooks on the side for your headset or your purse. It's $299, but right now there's a $90 off coupon. You can also use Affirm to finance it.


If you haven't realized it, I'm obsessed with phone chargers. Mainly because my husband steals all of mine. I got this one to add to my car so we aren't fighting over the charger when we're out all day.


The nail glue that comes with the press on nails drys quickly, but this is quicker. When wearing press ons you have to keep glue on you at all times. This is my back up glue.

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