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Qi's Amazon Haul ( 1/22/23-1/28/23)

I took a week off... but I'm back. Actually, I didn't take a week off. I saved everything from last week for this week lol. I got some really cool things, so keep scrolling to see what I got.


The content girlies on Tik Tok said you need a microphone to elevate your videos, and they weren't wrong. I did a test video and the quality was much better. If you are trying to get serious about your content, this is definitely a good investment.


Of course I had to cop our Hopeful Heartbreakers notebook! It came out so cute. I can't wait to create more. I'm still waiting on my journals.


I got a new phone case. I didn't really care for the otter box look of the last phone case I ordered. This one is simplistic and says it's non-yellowing. Now I won't need a new case for a while.


I got this hair removal device. After I opened it, I realized it was a little more than I was expecting. You have to charge it and use sunglasses to operate it. Disclaimer: It isn't for dark skin.


I got these lights for my car. The concept of them are pretty cool. They are battery operated, and the adhesive on them are really good. If you do car shows or night time riding, this may be something that interest you.


I have really been trying to get in my content creator bag. I got this tripod/selfie stick and it has already changed the game. It's small enough to fit in your purse and extends just as tall as a ring light. The part that holds your phone swivels and allows you to record in a variety of angles. It also comes with a little remote so you can take your photos or start your videos with ease.


My nails looked a mess and I didn't want my hands looking all ugly in my videos. So, I ordered these press on nails. My nail beds are too long for the short ones, so they didn't fit as expected. I'll try the medium size next time.


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