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Qi's Amazon Haul (1/1/23-1/7/23)

If you haven't realized by now, I am an Amazon Prime junkie. So, I've decided to show you guys my hauls, in hopes that it will hope you with your future purchases. Below I'll list my purchases this week and show you how they actually look.


Tik Tok inspired me to order these really cute stickers to decorate my iPad case. You get 100 stickers. 50 different stickers, and then duplicates of those stickers. I really like them and they were only $7.99.


Next I ordered this magnetic fast charger for my iPhone to use while at my desk. It didn't come with the wall block, but it plugged right in to the USB port connected to the electrical socket. It charges really well and I'm upset I didn't order it sooner.


And while fast chargers were on my mind. I got two for my bedside. The wire is very long and my phone was fully charged within thirty minutes of connecting it. They come two in the box and right now there is a $3 off coupon.


I ordered this magnetic calendar to put on the refrigerator to mark important stuff for my husband to see. It was really easy to set up and the quality is really good. And the words completely erase, they don't leave smears behind when erasing.


I ordered this with the intentions of wearing it as an anklet, but ordered the wrong size. This is seven inches and fits perfectly as a bracelet. I'll have to determine if I need nine inch or ten inch for my ankle and reorder.


Lastly I got this magnetic phone mount for my car. Now you do need to place a magnet on the back of your phone for this to work. So, if you're using a magnetic charger this may cause a conflict.


That's all I got this week. I'll be back next week to show you guys what I ordered.

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