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My Favorite Quotes from the Truth and Lies Series by Christina C. Jones

The Truth & Lies series is a two-book series that touches on two different couples. In book one we meet Rob and Iris, an IT manager that creates custom jewelry on the side, and a teacher (Math Bae), that happen to be neighbors. In book two we meet Brandi and Kyle. A hairdresser and a retired NBA player turned artist. The ladies in these books are best friends with each other, along with the guys being best friends with each other as well. Both stories were good in their own rights, obviously because of who the author is, but this blog post is to highlight my favorite quotes from both stories. I'm pretty sure most of you know how CCJ gets down with her pen. This blog post will serve as a friendly reminder. So, here are my favorite quotes from the series, with no context. There's a possibility these quotes may contain spoilers, so read with caution.

“When you love someone, you see what you want to see. Nobody wants to think the person they care about has an addiction. So we ignore the signs, and explain it away. Blame it on something else. And then, once we can’t ignore it anymore, we blame ourselves for what they did, to make it make sense. And that’s not just for addiction.”

“I mean, I didn’t even mention the fact that I cried all day when you didn’t respond. Looked through all your Instagram posts again, with Dru Hill blasting in the background. Called and told my mama – who is not happy with you, by the way.”

“I’m feeling you. It’s obvious that you’re feeling me. Neither of us is trying to make a big deal out of anything, so… I don’t know. I don’t understand why you’re so against me.”

“If you’re putting that thing in me, I need to be as far from sober as possible.”

“You have a coolness about you that I’ve never experienced before. You seem so open, and honest, which is mind blowing for me. You’re masculine and sexy, without being some macho asshole who has to “prove” he’s a man instead of just being one. I could honestly go on and on. You love your mother but don’t live with her, you like kids…” she leaned in a little, then whispered, “your dick is huge,” before she sat back, laughing. “I really think you’re amazing… but.”

“Girl I’m gonna fight you if you mess this up with math bae cause of a funky ass few months left on your little “dating yourself” pledge. Was that clear enough?”

“I’m saying talk to her. Figure out what the hell you want to do. I don’t have the mental energy to help make the decision for you, but you and I have talked about this enough to know that you and Coral are not a resolved issue. So while I’m handling my shit – I need you to handle yours.”

“Don’t even think about putting your street clothes in my bed,” she said from across the room, as she pulled on a tee shirt and shorts.