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My Favorite Love Sister

For this month's newsletter, I picked the three-part series The Love Sisters; I Think I Might Love You, I Think I Might Need You and I Think I Might Want You. These three books are novellas, so they're quick, easy, and funny reads. Each book gives us the insight to three sister's journeys through finding love.

So, my title is which sister was my favorite, and that would have to be Jaclyn, from the first book; I Think I Might Love You. Initially, I started to do a piece where I rated the sisters from favorite to least favorite but y’all know I hate giving away spoilers.... So, I decided to give y’all her story in hopes to incite y’all to read the other two books.

Jaclyn Love was the most relatable. She moved to the beat of her own drums. I bet she's an Aquarius 😂. I’m sure if you looked up 'trouble' in the dictionary you'd probably see her picture.

Her story starts off with her breaking up with her boyfriend and meeting the love of her life, Kadon, in the most unconventional way.

Jaclyn is a little rough around the edges but with a little TLC and understanding, she's definitely lovable. Don't count her out just because she's the sister with her shit not all the way together. Not for nothing, she owns her own business and is going to college.

All three books were five star reads, Jaclyn's story just set the tone for the other two reads for me. I really enjoyed her growth. This three-part series is definitely a must read.

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