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Meet the Characters from: Found Love In The Trenches With A Thug: A Standalone Hood Romance Novel

Typically, I blindly pick a book for the newsletter, but this time I decided to ask our featured author what her favorite book was. I can see why she picked Found Love In The Trenches with a Thug. This read gave you mafia, redemption, love, action and so much more.

Dominyk "Dom" Taylor is a 29-year-old beautician and as the oldest sister she doesn't play about her role in protecting her sister.

Deandrea "Dee" Taylor is Dom's little sister. What Dee thought she felt about a boy when she was a teen, only turned to her being called a hoe up until her adult years. Dee made no qualms about correcting the gossipers.

Kyhir "Dro" Campos is a handsome boss, who's never being in love. His right-hand man is Honor Manners, who is just as fine as his boy. Honor also was also once BFFs with Dee when they were teens.

One fatal night, the sisters link up to go to a party. After dealing with Dee's shenanigans, Dom decides to leave early. She happens to run into Dro and ends up saving his life.

Now the two have to go into hiding ‘til matters are dealt with. Of course, Dom has to make sure Dee is also safe, so Dro has Honor do the honors of protecting her.

While in hiding, Dom & Dro begin to fall for one another. Honor & Dee have the come to Jesus talk about why he drifted away and why she allowed people to ruin her reputation.

I loved that for Dee. She needed someone that lent her an ear and loved on her. Although, Dom and Dro were good together, I was rooting for Honor and Dee. It's always different seeing a troubled woman having love spoken into her.

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