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"...For it is in giving that we receive..."

June has been a very busy month for HHB Literary Donations & Charities. Because we're new, a huge part of the past few months has been about raising money and/or books so that we can donate to charitable causes. We have been so grateful and appreciative of those who have donated money, offered to donate books, and have been available to answer any questions we may have regarding how to run a nonprofit and raise funds. Special shout outs go to Shanell Watson, Dena Jackson, Samone Donald, Charae Lewis, Miracal Martin, Adriane Griggs, Johnni Sherri, Tamera Gaines, Melvina Locue-Wilson, Dr. Blanca Sanchez-McGee, Patricia Calahan, Katrina Anderson, and Tammy Nelson. We are more than grateful. Without supporters like you all, we wouldn't be able to give back at the level we wish to. Thank you!

Next month, our nonprofit will be donating 55 books to students attending The Gardner Preparatory School in Lancaster, Texas. Students, ages 5-13, will have an opportunity to receive at least one book that includes characters that are reflective of them. This is so important because children need to see themselves in a positive light and not just in history books as slaves or those fighting for civil rights. We are a strong, resilient, successful people, and our children deserve to see that.

Further, in 2019, The Nation's Report Card from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) found that just 15% of Black 8th graders were at or above reading “proficiency” (NAEP, 2019). One of the biggest and easiest ways to foster literacy in children is to be exposed to books. In the age of the iPad and iPhone, not many children have physical books in their homes, so it’s our mission to change that, one book at a time.

If you’re interested in donating to our nonprofit, you can sent a monetary donation through Paypal or Cashapp.

Cashapp: $hhbdonations

We’re also accepting book donations! If you have some gently used children’s books laying around your house, or if you’re an author who’s written some children’s books and you’d like to donate, please inbox Jasmine Gaines on Facebook or send an email to

Remember, no donation is too small! Thank y’all!

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