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Book Review on The Resistance by Nia Forrester

First and foremost I wanna applaud Nia for doing this for the culture. This book takes place now, in our current time, under the current distress the nation is in. Lila and Kai meet while protesting and although that isn’t typically where one would search for their soulmate, it’s pretty believable for the current state we are in. Their pull was magnetic and almost instant. “I met my wife in jail today. I know it sounds crazy but for real, I‘ma marry this girl.”

This read is peppered with a lot harsh realities and a few complicated issues we may sometimes avoid, but it doesn’t take away from the actual story. It‘s a short story, but it gives you just enough story to hold your interest and not leave you feeling incomplete. The realistic setting is what definitely made this a must read for me, the love story was lagniappe.

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