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Book Review on Signature of You by K.C. Mills

In the music industry, things can get crazy. So crazy, that Sol found himself seeking refuge in a small town of Coleman, to let his issues die down, in hopes they would be forgotten. While trying to drink his troubles away, he meets a beauty that has him intrigued. Knowing he should stay away from her because he will bring trouble her way, is no easy task. Even when he sees she has a daughter, he still can't keep his curiosity at bay. Signature of You is a beautifully crafted story of two broken souls trying desperately to stay away from each other and failing miserably at doing so. "I wouldn't lie but I wouldn't make a promise I couldn't keep either. I wasn't sure if I could stay away from Cadence and Gracie."

Cadence's sole purpose in life is taking care of her daughter, Gracie. A bubbly little girl with an abundance of spunk that mirrors her mother's. But Cadence's purpose is slightly sidetracked once she runs into Sol. Sol is mysterious. Cadence can tell there's more to him than meets the eye. "They tingled with a taunting longing of the sinful pleasure those lips would bring me. And his eyes, dark, mysterious and full of torment and pain. They spoke to me, inviting me to get to know who he really was."

Sol was trying to repair his image. Going to a small town in South Carolina wasn't supposed to lead to him finding a love interest. But from the moment he laid eyes on Cadence, all logic went out of the window. Not only did he feel he was bad for her, but he also felt he would be bad for her daughter. "Now I really knew that I couldn't have her. She had a kid. A kid who she was responsible for protecting and keeping safe and there was nothing safe about my life." No matter how fare he tried to run, problems just had a way of finding him.

I really enjoyed this book! It sort of fit the bill of the trauma bond trope, and those have slowly become my favs. I loved how the main characters fell into the groove of each other. After their initial resistance, there was no push and pull. Gracie was my favorite character; she literally stole the show in this book. I also love how Sol stepped in and did whatever needed to be done when it came to Gracie and Cadence. Every damsel in distress needs a Sol. Great job KC!

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