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Book Review on Our Type of Love by Chelsea Marie

This is a really cute love story! We are introduced to Kellon and Delilah in this story. At the beginning of this book we are introduced to one of Kellon's transgressions. I immediately thought I would hate him throughout the entire book, but the way Chelsea Maria's pen is set up, that didn't last long. The love that was exemplified in this book was extraordinary! This couple's need for each other was nothing short of enviable. "Like my body needed water and food to function, my soul feeds off that palpable energy when our eyes connected."

In any marriage there will always be problems, but this couple suffered with some very unique problems. They weren't all resolved perfectly, but the fact that they were able to work through every single problem without losing sight of the big picture was admirable."Delilah Mari, I couldn't divorce you if somebody paid me to. When I married you, I married your flaws. Married the changes that would occur as we grow older."

Overall this was a great read. It kept my attention throughout the entire book. I also give it bonus points for having a happy ending.

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