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Book Review on Nostalgia by Nako

I love to read books that leave me thinking and that's exactly what Nostalgia did for me. This book was far from a typical love story, but was still very interesting to read. I won't lie to you guys, reading this book was emotionally draining. It's so much toxicity in it I felt like I needed a good therapy session after reading it. But in the end, I found peace just like the main character. Kenya Yvette Schumere was a piece of work.

"On the outside looking in everything looked good. She was America's Sweetheart yet, she felt like a victim and demon all in one."

In this story you will meet Kenya Schumere, a strong black woman focused on tackling all work related goals, but failing miserably at building solid human relationships. Also you'll meet Elijah Sadier, a strong and loving black man that supported his queen no matter what, even if it wasn't the right thing to do at times. Their story is told through the eyes of Kenya initially, in a book that was written and given to Kenya's therapist, Dr. Mighty-Moore, but throughout Kenya's therapy sessions you will see the inconsistencies in her story. By then end of the book you will just be blown away with Kenya's version of events.

I loved how this book touched on so many real life issues that happen in black families. I can't really touch on everything because I like to keep my reviews spoiler free, but once you start reading you will see exactly what I'm talking about.

By the end of this book I was proud of Kenya. Sis was a good emotional mess, but I wouldn't stop rooting for her to get it together. "Reading Kenya's book shifted her perspective on love, loyalty and what it truly means to live a life without limitations." This was precisely what I took away from this book. I took several deep breaths during this read, but by the end, I was truly at peace.

K. Yvette is also a published author now and Nako's pen name. Be sure to check out her stories as well.

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