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Book Review on Loving the Realest of Them All by Antoinette Sherell

Lately I have been in to messy reads and this book was exactly what the doctor ordered. I wasn't sure what to expect before actually starting this read, I just knew that it came highly recommended and I needed to read it expeditiously. Nett did not disappoint me at all.

In this story we meet the main characters as kids that grow into new adults. So'Real and Swan are siblings growing up living the life thanks to their dad Mr. War. When an overdose takes Rarity Concord's mom she's thrown directly in to their lifestyle. Swan turns out to be the sister Rarity never knew she needed and Real actually turns in to her crush. O'Shun and Knoxx are solider's on War's team but as they get older their eyes fall on the ladies of the War household.

In this book lines are crossed, trust is broken and no one's love story is perfect. "This isn't a got damn fairytale. Shit didn't go how you predicted and you let her slip through your fingers. Correct your mistake." This book ends on a cliffhanger, but part two has already been released.

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