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Book Review on Love Seldom.Trust Never by Ty Marshall

In this book we meet East who, like most kids in urban literature, grows up in an unlikely environment. From the beginning of the book you can see the potential in East. From his mannerisms on down to his adolescent swagger. "He was a different breed. A charismatic street nigga that was a goon and a hustler, all in one. He was destined for greatness. He had too much potential not to."

This book takes you on East's journey from adolescence to manhood. Like any orphan that's been adopted by streets, East has to navigate his way by realizing who's his friend and who's his foe. Although East doesn't have a relationship with his father he still knows who he is, a legend in the streets. On the day of his father's funeral he meets Ricardo, one of his father's oldest friends. East crossing paths with Ricardo changes his life forever and in more ways than one. "'Nobody is who they seem, but everybody is exactly who they are."

Even though East is short on family in this book, he isn't short on real ones in his corner. East attaches himself to Tez, who acts as a mentor and teaches him one of the most valuable lessons of the game, "Trust no one."

The title of this book is so befitting! If you are looking for a good read that will keep you on your toes, then look no further, because this is it. I'll leave you with a word of advice from the author... "Things can come at you fast, without warning. You never have to get read, if you stay ready."

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