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Book Review on Endlessly Mine: A Cyn & Q Urban Romance

When you put two authors in a relationship the results may vary, but with Quardeay and Cyn you get an urban romance book. Not only do they offer up urban romance heat, but the main characters are also loosely based on themselves. Cynarah and Quinn are two people who've just gotten out of bad relationships, looking for a fresh start and a new lease on life. Their attraction to each other is almost instantaneous and it has both of them second guessing their decisions to focus on themselves. "I stumbled right into a group of women, three in total. All of them were relatively short, but one in particular seemed to be shorter than them all. Her height was nothing. It was her beauty that caught me."

Quinn, seemingly, is a great guy. He's handsome, has a great career and most importantly, he has a beard, there's just one catch. He has a secret, one that's threatening to come out if he doesn't get a handle on his ex, Mariah. "My mind instantly flashed back to my life in Milwaukee. The last major memory was of me holding that gun. Everything suddenly haunted me like a ghost. The sounds of screaming. The strong smell of gun smoke and then blood. The struggle to carry the body where I buried it. It had me frozen, something like a sheet of ice hanging over a roof in the middle of winter." Mariah is back and is causing major trouble. Not only is she giving Quinn a hard time, but she’s also giving his new love interest, Cyn a hard time as well. From the outside looking in, it appears as if Quinn may be on the path to getting that old thing back, giving Cyn pause and reconsidering her interest.

Cynarah is fresh out of an abusive relationship. Not as much physically as it was mentally, but abusive, nonetheless. When she lays eyes on Quinn, parts of her that haven't had feelings in a long time start to awaken. But knowing his ex is still sniffing around has her feeling as if things may be moving too fast. When life comes at her fast and Quinn shows up and saves the day, she realizes that she may have been in her head too much and decides to give him a fair shot. "Trust me, I'll never forget this night, but I'll never ever forget you being the reason I'm still breathing right now, and I'll say this too. You've got me, Q. You don't have to worry about anything. You've got me. I've got your back. We're in this together. I know earlier I was unsure, but tonight made me realized exactly who you are. My protector. You and I really aren't so different from each other."

Cyn and Quinn were cute, their instant connection made for an interesting read. This story turned into a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde giving urban readers just what they need. If you're familiar with anything Quardeay writes, you know there are going to be nasty sex scenes somewhere. "'Ooh, yeah, fuck me, Daddy. Just like that,' she sang squeezing my waist harder. My strokes became faster as her body was a bundle of nerves and vibrations. I could feel her climax coming." I also enjoyed there were some funny elements as well. "He shook his head. 'See, look at that, ain't even made it to the job yet and you're already acting brand new. Ain't that a bitch named Suzie.'" The ending was wild, but most importantly I appreciated the love portrayed in the book. "'And I am yours,' he replied. 'Forever,' I replied with a smile, happier than I ever had been before. 'Endlessly,' Quinn summarized, and I realized he was right. I was endlessly his, and his fine ass was endlessly mine."

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