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A Day in the Life of a Stripper

To know me is to know I am infatuated with characters that are strippers. For this month's newsletter I read When You Dance by Monica Walters and it inspired this blog post. Sandrene aka Obsession had a 9-5 Monday through Friday and stripped on the weekends. This post is going to walk you through the day of a stripper. This is solely for entertainment purposes, and because I'm not, nor ever have been a stripper, can't confirm if this is what they actually do. But keep scrolling so you can be entertained.


Breakfast is and always will be the most important meal of the day. So, first things first, baby girl has to get her nourishment up. With all of the dancing they do, a balanced breakfast is preferred.


Next, she hits up her friends, family or man to see what's the move for the day. A day of shopping is always preferred.


Whatever plans she decides on, she wants to look her best. So, sis gon do a lil glam before she hits the streets.


Once she's back from her activities, and after she wakes up from her nap, she has to get her bag or suitcase packed for the night. Her dance wear is just as important as her hygiene essentials. She needs to look good and smell good throughout the night. After she showers, she's headed to the club to get to the money.


When she gets to the club, she has to pay a tip out. How much will depend on the club. Some clubs allow the dancers to pay at the end of the night, but most require it before the night gets started.


Next, one must get ready to perform. Strip clubs typically have dressing rooms for the ladies to get ready and store their stuff. It's always a plus when they can befriend each other, so they can have each other's back. But if not, sometimes the girls can get into scuffles back here. Some even steal from the other girls.


Now it's time to get to the money. Stripper typically have allotted times to hit the stage. The main hustle of the night is lap dances or private dances. They'll typically have money bags to keep their money in for safe keeping. It usually matches their outfit. They'll usually freshen up before it's time to hit the stage. Most strippers can let the DJ know what song they want to dance to. It's typically something she can vibe to and she thinks will get the crowd to throw major cash. A stripper that takes their craft seriously will have a trick or two, to set them a part from the other girls in hopes to rake in major cash. The endgame is to have the floor littered in bills.


Before she leaves the club, she counts her total earnings. Larger strip clubs will have money counters. Each club has their own way of how the strippers tally up their final earnings, but however they decide to calculate it, they go home the same day with their final earnings.


When the night is over, the bouncer usually walks her out. Whether she using a ride share, getting picked up or hopping in her own car, the bouncer makes sure all of the girls get home safely.


If she's a lady of the night, she may hit up another spot or go hang with some of the other girls. If she's a homebody, this concludes her night.


I hope you guys enjoyed this! Thank you for reading.


Click the cover to check out a day in the life of the stripper Monica Walters created.

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