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5 Reasons to Read Unforeseen Haze by Che Moon

Now that Rona is somewhat behind - emphasis on somewhat - I enjoyed reading about Patrick and Haze finding love during such a tumultuous time.

Patrick and Haze are no strangers to heartache and pain. Patrick was dealing with the loss of his mother and Haze was dealing with the loss of pretty much EVERYTHING. The poor girl was homeless. I loved how they were the "fix" they both needed.

Brothers that can both potentially be book baes! Patrick has a brother, Pryce, and he really isn't mentioned much, but you definitely get a vibe. Both brothers are charismatic and hilarious.

The love scenes are steamy! If you're familiar with Che Moon's work then you know how they coming.

Shorts are cool, but they sometimes leave you wanting more, or leave you with holes, but not this one. I was fulfilled at the end. It was executed very well. Che Moon understood the assignment!

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