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5 Reasons to Read the White Lines Series by Tracy Brown

1. Tracy Brown wrote it, I mean duh! She's an OG in the game and her pen game is crazy. When veterans in the literary world are mentioned, or when book(s) are mentioned, then best believe, Tracy will be one of the names mentioned and so will this classic series.

2. A little secret about me, I'm stuck in the 90's. It truly was thee best era ever! White Lines takes place in the 90's and in New York city. Another secret, I love when books are set in the Big Apple. I love envisioning what it would've been like growing up there and Tracy's descriptive writing made that so easy.

3. Unconventional love. This book tells a story about two people that had all the odds you can conjure up against them. I rooted for them from the beginning until the end. Born and Jada are flawed but all that is null and void because you believe the love between them is so real.

4. Multifaceted. This book has all the recipes that makes for a good read: a little drugs, bomb ass sex scenes, real characters, great storyline.... I mean I keep going on and on and on.

5. Mental Health Awareness Month is in May and you'll be reading this in June, but I wrote this in May. I told y'all in my previous reason that Tracy touched on everything, well she touched on mental illnesses as well. Sheldon was a tough character, not gonna lie, he was my least favorite, but with a little tough love, courtesy of Born, he's gonna be alright.

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